• PSOX Updates Complete

    Deltina_Wildfire writes, "Sonic Team has finished with the updates to PSOX on time today. PSOX now features:

    Endless Nightmare 1 & 2
    Mop-Up 1 & 2
    Challenge Modes 1-9

    Looks like they finally took notice to us over in Xbox Land.

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    1. Kent's Avatar
      Kent -
      Challenges 1-9... I guess we can get our S-Ranks now...
    1. Elios's Avatar
      Elios -
      yay now time for the Duo Saber +50.
    1. Elios's Avatar
      Elios -
      its not like people couldnt get s ranks before....but hey now we can name them for ourselves.
    1. Elmo's Avatar
      Elmo -
      well hello elios (kerm..) well if you every get on xbl we can do the quest together
    1. Elmo's Avatar
      Elmo -
      wrong perosn lol
    1. Lugnut's Avatar
      Lugnut -
      Bout damn time. I'm a GC PSO player myself, but boy, the service you've guys got on XBox has been painfully slow. At least you've got all the CMode stages finally. ^_^
    1. TerribleDeliMeat's Avatar
      TerribleDeliMeat -
      Congrats Microsoft. Only two months too late. Doing fine!
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