• 2 Dengeki Quests Coming!

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    ST posted announcing 2 upcoming quests for PSO EP 3. As part of the promised Dengeki Event, 2 new quests will be coming since both Akiyama of ST and YK3 of Dengeki reached their goal of exchanging 200 cards online. The 2 quests, "Sega Thanks You For Your Support" and "Dengeki Thanks You For Your Support" will be available for online play from Tuesday, March 9th until Tuesday, March 16th. Remember that you will be able to obtain 2 cards from these quests (one each): Gi Gue and Right Heavy Punch. /B ships will also be added to US servers. All GC servers will go down on Tuesday, March 9th between 2pm and 5pm so that the quests can be loaded. Please end all online games before the scheduled maintenance and please do not connect to the servers at this time.


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      Umm, just out of intrest, if anyone knows, why are the names at the top in katakana? Surely the names were invented in japan, thus they should be in hiragana, no?
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