• No Easter Content After All on Live

    kevlar_pso writes, "According to Casey from Microsoft Escalations, content from region to region will vary. There is/was no information on the calendar about Easter content for PSO on Live for North America. Xbox does not maintain the PSO servers all content comes from Sonic Team. HL fee is for maintainence of the servers that are owned and operated by Sonic Team, not necessarily for content on the servers. Not much that Microsoft Online Services can do to get that content.

    To summarize, PSO Xbox content is available on average on a monthly basis from Sonic Team. PSO-X for America will not have Easter content. MOS does acknowledge Live gamers needs. Casey said he would pass our request for more content on to the developers. Bottom line is that any content that arrives will be posted on the Xbox website.

    This PSOW easter news according to MOS does not apply to the US Xbox Live content but only applies to the JP Xbox Live content.

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    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      You will have to contact Microsoft of Europe for the answer to that. I called Microsoft here in America for this news. If you call Microsoft of Europe, I would like to hear their reason for no Easter content as well.
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      That sucks that is why i dont play PSO anymore they give some people content and others nothing. content for japan and none for us come on cut the crap. sonic team and xbox dont look for my 9.95 anymore cause u dont deserve it. Thanks for nothing!
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      PSO is a complete rip job period. Content or no.
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      Delfi -
      too true borther...my hl is gonna be cancelled now too .... and looks like many more have already followed suit...never again will i waste any more money on sega games...WELL DONE SONIC TEAM.

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