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    lollipoplolita writes, "

    ST posted announcing that a new online quest is coming to Ep 3 on Tuesday, April 27th. "Dorimaga" is a 2 player online quest for the "Dorimaga" magazine. Dorimaga was the previous "Dreamcast Magazine" which has renamed itself when the Dreamcast stopped production. The prize from this online quest is the Dremaga (Game Magazine) card. You will cooperate with another player and face two strong Arkz characters with challenging decks. This quest will take place in the "VR" stage. This quest will be up until Thursday, May 13th.

    There will be a server maintenance for this quest on Tuesday, April 27th from 2pm til 5pm (JP time). Please do not connect to the servers at this time and please end all games before the scheduled maintenance We'll post more news once it becomes available. Discuss this in our forums.

    Also, there will be an EGM quest coming on Saturday, May15th. The reward for that quest, will of course, be the EGM (Game Magazine) card. The lobbies are now decorated with EGM banners for this upcoming quest. Discuss this in our forums.

    Credit: navi and StrongBad

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    1. goldbrease's Avatar
      goldbrease -
      The EGM is in English so mabe we will get bolth. on quest right after another yay! thoe as far as ive seen these magazine cards are nearly worthless considering.

      1. most chars can only move 2 spaces at a time as it is.

      2. these basicly have almost no health and no attack power.

      3. 8 turns and it blows up and gives you xp? ok lets see..... wouldn't this also damage you? and besides you opponents going to target this first.

      4. these are nice little trinkets to have but not worth useing as far as ive seen. just like the toy hammer and flowers and the medical bag in episode 1&2 not worth useing but neat just to have.
    1. exeq's Avatar
      exeq -
      Nothing for this quest yet. Maybe later or in a few weeks like the bule star memories ones.
    1. 's Avatar
      this quest the dremanga or whatever its called is avail on the US side as a quest when you create a room while online and go to battle a friend or cpu,but not as a DL

      E rank card it is btw
    1. exeq's Avatar
      exeq -
      Ahh. No wonder I did not find it. I don't play online with Episode 3, Just download quest.
    1. 's Avatar
      the dorimaga is only quest option only no download choice
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