• New Quest coming to JP Blue Burst

    According to the JP BB webpage, a new quest called "A Dangerous Deal with Black Paper" is being added on September 6th.

    This is a timed quest where you will be placed in an arena and try to kill as many enemies as possible. You will be awarded a prize at the end of the quest based on the number of enemies you killed and the difficulty. The only catch is that you have to trade in a Photon Crystal to be able to play this quest.

    Based on the screenshots, it seems rare enemies can appear in this quest.

    Credit goes to Saffran for pointing this quest out.

    Please visit our forums to discuss the quest further.

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      Oh man, A photon crystal is worth it, becuase you can probably get like craploads of rares, and it's good for rare hunting, which means you'll get a PC in return. :P
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      what if the reward was say 2000 meseta on normal lololol
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