• Character/Login Servers Down

    As many of you know, the PSOBB Login and Character servers are down due to an unknown glitch, thus causing everyone attempting to go online to get a 'Server under Matinence' message. Clumsy has stated that they are looking into the server issues right now. This announcement on the PSOBB Forums thread is located here. We'll keep you updated.

    Update from Clumsyorchid:
    "As many have noted in PM and in other threads, other Sega sites are down as well. The problem is not only with the BB servers and is affecting many of our Sega-Europe sites as well. We are working to resolve the problems and find solutions.

    Thanks to everyone who submitted information about this! Unfortunately I do not have any timeframe for when the servers will be back online, but the BB team is working to resolve it."

    Another Update from Clumsyorchid:
    First off, they locked the first thread from spam, and now there is no open topics concerning it (unless you look in their Genral PSOBB Fourm) Clumsy is now reporting more information on the situation which can be read by clicking on "Read More".

    "As everyone knows the servers are still down and there is no timeframe on when they are to be up. To offer a little background into the problem, the Authentication servers went down which rejected all incoming clients. People still online were unaffected, but any users attempting to access the game were given an error.

    The problem, it appears, is not only related to the Auth server, but also most of SOE's websites. SOE is working to resolve the problems as well as get the PSO servers back online. When I get word of when this will occur, I will inform everyone in this thread.

    I want to thank everyone again for sending in information about the problems and offering to help. All is very appreciated by myself and the rest of the PSO staff. We recognize this downtime is unacceptable and are working to issue compensation for the time."

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      adamgnome104 -
      Heh. Why is it when servers are down the first people think is, OMG GIVE ME STUFF!! >_<
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      judging from the value for money that PSU(by the screenshots/videos) will give, compared to value for money PSOBB gives
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