• PSU Site Update for November 11

    The Phantasy Star Universe site has been updated again. Unlike last week, this update was fairly substantial. If features new information about the weapons classes and grinding system. Also, a new video was released that gives an overview of the Graal System and each of the worlds! You'll be able to find the details for each of the updates below.

    PSU Worlds Video:

    This video gives a decent overview of the Graal system and each of the planets. Also, you'll see a couple of scenes with Ethan riding around on a speeding-bike-like vehicle. If you are having trouble viewing it on the official site, you can download it from us by clicking here.

    New Weapons Classes:

    There will be over 20 different weapons classes in Phantasy Star Universe. These weapons classes encompass the following: twin claws, bow & arrow, double saber, shotgun, laser, spear, saber, sword, rifle, wand, rod, and many more!

    First-Person Mode:

    As mentioned in previous updates, Phantasy Star Universe will have a first-person mode for targeting enemies. In these images, Ethan is trying to shoot down a gargoyle-like enemy.


    Just like PSO, you will be able to grind your weapon. However, you will have to visit a specialist now to be able to do it. Based on the images, grinding a weapon will increase its pp count.

    Credit goes to LoveJuice for letting us know about this update. You can discuss these updates in our Phantasy Star Universe forums.

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    1. Sharkyland's Avatar
      Sharkyland -
      bow & arrow... shotgun... laser... rifle...?
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      Credit goes to....LoveJuice? O_o

      ewwww lol. Good job...ummm Mr juice. Yea (^_^)
    1. 's Avatar
      Man this game is gonna be frickin awesome. all the new weapons sound like fun too.
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