• More Max Attack 4 Details and New Weapons

    Several additional details were released by Sonic Team today about the upcoming Maximum Attack 4 event. As mentioned previously, there will be a new Maximum Attack quest for each episode. Also, there will be a special side-quest with a roulette mini-game. You'll be able to obtain new rare items as certain milestones are unlocked. Speaking of rare weapons, several new ones are being released for this event. They include the Kunai, Tension Blaster, new mag kit, double scythe, and an unknown unit with a Redria emblem. Other milestone bonuses include drop-rate multipliers and rare-enemy appearance multipliers. Finally, a no-exp loss modifier will be in effect for the duration of the event.

    Credit goes to Saffran for spotting this news.

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    1. 's Avatar
      that Redria unit looks like a shield to me, i doubt itd be a hoverboard.. it wouldnt make much sense
    1. Fredrick's Avatar
      Fredrick -
      Yes it does... I want it!

      So how hard is it exactly to get these items? It seems like Sega always over estimates how hard people are willing to work.
    1. Fredrick's Avatar
      Fredrick -
      Will we be getting this quest? >:|
    1. Saffran's Avatar
      Saffran -
      Well, I'd say they're easy to get. Considering jp always gets like 130mil going in 4 weeks (with pitiful last 10 days) I guess they will reach the 200 Millions mark in the last few days.

      Or much sooner. This time around the quests will change each week, so it should be interesting to play until the very last week.
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