• PSO-World's PSU Free-Form Role Play

    We at PSO-World would like to announce that we are officially supporting Free Form Role Play on PSU. Details regarding the subject can be found, and are currently being hammered out, in this Fan Works thread. Following, is a brief overview:
  • Fan Works will be the home of all RP activity on the site, until such a time that the threads it generates become sufficient to support a forum of their own.
  • For now, dice checks will be operated via PSU's /random command; above 450 for a success, above 900 for a critical success.
  • Until Sonic Team provides us with PvP, a proctored combat system will be implemented.
  • There soon be made, a floating sticky for you to establish your RP characters among the RP community, for those who would like to do so.
  • You are encouraged to make record of your character's personal events and storylines in Fan Works. Make your own thread, and treat it like a group-fic, if you like. Be creative.
  • PSO-World's official RP Universe, by community selection appears to be Universe 17.
  • PSO-World will be engaging an official Storyline, to act as a backdrop for the RP community. All RPers are invited to participate in PSO-World Story Events relating to this storyline.
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      Weird as it may be, it does sound like fun XP
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