• Dreamcast and Gamecube Server Shutdown

    On April 1st, 2007, Sonic Team will officially be shutting down the Gamecube and Dreamcast servers as seen in this announcment. The servers will become free-to-play on March 1st, 2007 for a one month period. Also, the 90 payment option will be discontinued on December 8th and the 30 day option on January 29th. Listed below is the versions of the game that will be affected by this anouncement:
    • Dreamcast
      • Version 1
      • Version 2
    • Gamecube
      • Episode 1&2
      • Episode 1&2 Plus
      • Episode 3
    The XBox and Blue Burst servers will remain in operation for the forseeable future. Credit goes to Renamon for spotting this update and EspioKaos/Arislan for providing translations. You can share your reaction in our Phantasy Star Online forum.

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    1. 's Avatar
      will we still need a visa or master card for the free gameplay
    1. Vandrell's Avatar
      Vandrell -
      will we still need a visa or master card for the free gameplay
    1. Vandrell's Avatar
      Vandrell -
      you know this game means alot to me even though i never got a chance to go online, i mean i just turned 18 and i was just about to apply for a visa/master card just for this.

      I also had kids that where 4 years old traning and traning hard so that their cheracter would be like minds one day. eveywhere i go people know about it because of me all i do ever day is carry the book around with me all the time infact i ended up selling my other games just to get three more copys to give to others.
    1. nsonic's Avatar
      nsonic -
      This might be hard to believe but I guess in japan they still have the DC servers going strong. I remember that news when word of the DC shutdown happened. I've heard more people play on the PSO Xbox version more than the GC (for obvious reasons). So that might be why that's still going. Still, it's sad to see the GC PSO go. Time to light another candle that'll set right next to my DC version.
    1. sk8erdez's Avatar
      sk8erdez -
      I never even got to go online and I don't understand why they would shut the servers this is probably one of the most played online game and I am not getting a 360 so I won't go on that either.

      They should do what guild wars does and just allow people to play teh game online for free for ever. and only charge for the newer versions cause some people can not afford to get the 360
    1. Oranjuice_2's Avatar
      Oranjuice_2 -
      I WISH!!! I was thinking along the same lines earlier today. They'll never do anything sensible.
    1. Maex's Avatar
      Maex -
      When the Dreamcast came out SEGA promised "livelong servers and gameplay". Now look where we are ...

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