• New JP Blue Burst Quests

    On March 27th, the Japanese Blue Burst servers were updated with two new quests and a team item. The first quest combines the first four "Claire" quests into a single permanent quest. Each of the previous Claire quests were time-limited item-exhange. A person can use the new quest to trade for items such as the From the Depths shield. The second quest is an incredibly difficult 'maximum kills' style quest set in Episode 4. In this quest, your team has 20 minutes to kill 820 enemies in several small rooms. In some of the rooms, several Dorphon and Girtablulu may show up at one time. If you die, you will have to wait on Pioneer 2 for the quest to come to an end. Unlike other quests, you have to pay an admittance price to be admitted to the quest. For Ultimate Mode, this price is 40,000 meseta. At the present time, no known team has successfully completed the quest on Ultimate Mode. Finally, a new team item known as the Union Shield was released. This shield costs 100 team points and is supposed to display the team flag. Credit goes to Saffran for bringing us this news.

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