• Downtime for October 11th and 12th

    According to a recent announcement, the servers and official*forums will be down starting late on October 11th and leading into the 12th.* It's said that the downtime will start at around 9 PM Pacific and last upwards of 15 hours.* It appears they are doing some*work on the power system*at the Sega of America offices.

    Update: The maintenance did not occur as planned. When a new date is scheduled, we'll be sure to post the news.*

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    1. WHlTEKNIGHT's Avatar
      what time is that gmt?
    1. EspioKaos's Avatar
      EspioKaos -
      Should go down at approximately 4:00a.m. GMT, October 12.
    1. Pillar's Avatar
      Pillar -
      who cares what time zone it is. its on a saturday night... why the hell do they do this stupid crap on peak play times when a majority of users are online.
    1. xxmadplayerxx's Avatar
      xxmadplayerxx -
      POSTPONED!! cmon psu when u guys get the correct date let us know like a week or something before,then people can plan there weekend.
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