• Hal's Radio Broadcast

    Gurhal Channel 5 will be airing a special news broadcast on October 17, giving all Guardians a chance to speak out to their comrades! News submissions are being accepted through Sunday, October 12, and may include promotions for community-run events, advertisements for player shops and even shout-outs to friends. You can submit your news to the GC5 staff at [email protected] Remember to put "Hal's Radio" in the subject line. Also, please keep your submissions brief (approximately 40 words or less) and make sure to specify which game server you want your message to be sent out to. Selected submissions will be aired three times throughout Friday, October 17, during broadcasts which will last 30 minutes or less. The schedule for broadcasts is as follows.

    • Morning broadcast - 10:00a.m. Pacific
    • Afternoon broadcast - 3:00p.m. Pacific
    • Evening broadcast - 8:00p.m. Pacific

    For further information on Hal's broadcast, please see the official announcement. Special thanks to forum member dogg1000 for the news tip!

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