• Server Connection Problems

    Due to technical difficulties on Sega's end, people are currently experiencing severe problems staying connected to the PC/Playstation 2 and XBox 360 Phantasy Star Universe servers. Anyone that is connected is likely to experience severe lag. This problem is currently also affecting the official forums. Sega technical staff is currently working on resolving the problem.

    Update: The PC/Playstation 2 and XBox 360 servers are back online.
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    1. MegaZoneXE's Avatar
      MegaZoneXE -
    1. AlliThePally's Avatar
      AlliThePally -
      At least they are working on the problem P=
    1. JazlynnGwen's Avatar
      JazlynnGwen -
      Great going, SEGA! I'll be bored playing GUILD WARS EYE OF THE NORTH! How dumb. Just disappoint alot of psu players why don't u. *pulls out her fire staff*
    1. zraptor's Avatar
      zraptor -
      they better give us an event or something or a bunch of rare items or mesta?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!!!
    1. xxmadplayerxx's Avatar
      xxmadplayerxx -
      Haha u know there is sunlight outside everyone should accept this as a break from psu, but i feel sorry for the people who have the day off work or school today, and all they had planned was PSU.
    1. Egner's Avatar
      Egner -
      wow i swear all u ppl do is bitch moan and complain always saying *u suck sega* u guys (who talk shit) u wouldnt be playing psu if it wasnt for them SO STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME
    1. stllchlln's Avatar
      stllchlln -
      you do realize saga has us by the balls, and thats why we complain,
    1. CrAzY ChRiStInA's Avatar
      CrAzY ChRiStInA -
      i have only had my psu account for 1 month now.... and im kinda regretting it... i dont think ive had a day of play without being kicked off. its kinda ridiculous... i love the game but i dont know how much longer i can take being kicked off... it gets pretty frustrating.. even now they say the servers are up but is till cant get on..
    1. Egner's Avatar
      Egner -
      sega is just like any other game company ex. Bungie everyday i play halo i alwasys end up hearing *wooooooooooow fix ur spawns bungie* just like sega they make mistakes and sega is making a mistake but...... theres no reason to cry about it get over it
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