• Will PSU Continue to Expand? Maybe So!

    More Phantasy Star-related news has surfaced from the Tokyo Game Show! In a recent SEGA press conference, director Satoshi Sakai revealed that there is more to come with Phantasy Star Universe, teasing his audience with the following image.

    The image reads:

    Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus

    Additional update confirmed!

    * Details to be announced at a later date.

    Unfortunately, that is the only info that was given out. This new work seems that it likely will be another expansion to PSU, however we will wait for official confirmation before speculating too much. In the meantime, you're invited to join in our discussion of this exciting news!

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    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      I'm hoping for a new PSU expansion pack! I'd also like it if they put the old PSO levels on there, but that seems unlikely.
    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      This is something that Ive been waiting 2 see for quite some time now. Now psu will be able to keep up with games like WOW and FF 11 if it is an actual expansion. Hopefully PC/PS2 severs will see and increase in numbers again if Sega dose this one right! Here's hoping the best! Better not screw this one up Sega lol! o almost forgot really hoping this expansion comes out on the PS3 as well much like it is on the 360 ATM, and an added voice chat for the other systems besides 360 wouldn't hurt either. Guess we will have 2 wait and see!
    1. Illuminate's Avatar
      Illuminate -
      Not a chance.
    1. Sharkyland's Avatar
      Sharkyland -
      They need to fix the servers >.>
    1. _Vyser_'s Avatar
      _Vyser_ -
      I hope this encourages SoA to update our servers faster...but who am I kidding? I doubt that will happen any time soon. *shrugs*
    1. lumia fanatic's Avatar
      lumia fanatic -
      thats the new expansion will have all the rest of the new weapons that are on this website and also that the new planet is coming with the expansion aswell that is definitly official and new guardian cards etc x
    1. Finalzone's Avatar
      Finalzone -
      Anything can happen.
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