• Genesis Compilation Pack Announced

    Sega has announced a new 40-game compilation of Genesis titles entitled the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Slated to be released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the expansion pack is tentatively planned to cost $30. It will include Phantasy Star II, III, and IV, along with dozens of other games. Also, this compilation will feature unlockable content, achievements, and updated graphics suitable for a 720p display.

    EDIT: According to the Sega game page, Phantasy Star I will be included too.
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    1. Ryna's Avatar
      Ryna -
      They haven't revealed all of the games yet. I'm sure there will be a few surprises.
    1. ROCKSTEPH's Avatar
    1. Arika's Avatar
      Arika -
      Will they remake PSIII PSIV version of the game? I remember seeing the new graphic version of PSI and PSII as PS2 game.
    1. Ryna's Avatar
      Ryna -
      Those are the Sega Ages remakes. I doubt we'll see them in the game compilation.
    1. Gibdozer's Avatar
      Gibdozer -
      is this just a port of the genisis collection already available on ps2? It has phantasy star II, III, IV, and several other top tier sega titles, about 30 in all. I wish they would update PS games the way they did the classics collection a few years ago Golden Axe, Alien Snydrome, and Out Run in 3D I love that game.
    1. Shin_Damion's Avatar
      Shin_Damion -
      I would be cool if it was the remakes but i doubt it, these are straight from SG and SM but non the less that is good news =)
      cant wait
    1. Padium's Avatar
      Padium -
      Regardless, I'll pick it up...I'm dying to revisit some classic Sonic games.
    1. Zumafire's Avatar
      Zumafire -
      Playing PHantasy Star II,III and IV in 720p and being able to save on my XB360 is enough for me. Wish Sega would throw some Hidden Master System games in there. Zillion or Phantasy Star
    1. DaMan's Avatar
      DaMan -
      I was kind of keeping a eye on this, since I already purchased the PS2 version but with Phantasy Star from the SMS on this version i'll definitely will pick it up now!
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      Eternal champions PLZZZ!!!
    1. Lord Hammerheart's Avatar
      Lord Hammerheart -
      I have a similiar compilation for the PSP, and I have some of these games, including Shining Force I and II, dowloaded on my Wii already. Otherwise I'd definitely get this game for PS3.
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      I have other SEGA compilations before this, but this definitely looks to be the cream of the crop. I also have the PSP compilation, which is great on the go. However, the sheer number (though missing some franchises) is about as close as they've gotten to having a Genesis packed in one pack. Hopefully the Sonic ports will be as exact as the way they did it on the Sonic Collection for Xbox. I remember being quite surprised how close to an actual Genesis running the games, that Sonic Collection came. Everything from sound, to the occassional Genesis slowdown (for the same parts and reasons) was emulated perfectly, in that version. Emulation is one thing, but across the board clock speeds and hardware synching goes a complicated step further.
    1. Kylie's Avatar
      Kylie -
      To be honest, I'm not a fan of most SEGA games, but it does sound pretty cool with forty games on it.
    1. Inazuma's Avatar
      Inazuma -
      i just bought phantasy star collection for saturn and its part of the sega ages collection. has the logo and name on the box
    1. _Vyser_'s Avatar
      _Vyser_ -
      I have a similar collection for the Dreamcast, and I loved it! I think there were only like 13 games on it, so this one should be quite entertaining to have. I just hope there's a lot of fun features and/or unlockables on this. The HD output should be nice.
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