• February 17th DLC And Event Extension for PSP2

    The official Japanese Phantasy Star Portable 2 blog was updated today with a variety of news about new downloadable content and the Maximum Attack Little Wing event. According to the blog post, the following downloadable content will be available on February 17th:

    • Miku VN02 Protector (Female Parts and Female Clothing) - Free
    • Shop Clothing (Male Parts and Male Clothing) - 300 Yen
    • Shop Clothing (Female Parts and Female Clothing) - 300 Yen
    • Clad Slicer - 200 yen
    • Clad Cannon - 200 yen
    • Clad Bastone - 200 yen

    Clad Cannon

    In addition, the Famitsu-sponsored Maximum Attack Little Wing Event has been extended until February 17th. This will give players the extra time they need to unlock the final milestones.

    Credit goes to Mike for bringing us this news. You can discuss the downloadable content in this forum thread and the Maximum Attack Little Wing event here.

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