• Content Update for April 2

    Detailed by GM Edward and the Japanese PSU homepage is the Xbox 360 update for this week. Here's what will be posted:
    • New Challengers C-S (partner mission at the GUARDIANS Branch in Holtes City)
    • Easter lobbies will be available from April 2 until April 22. Players can find Rappy Paska during this time.
    • Casino Voloyal item rotation.
    As a reminder, the Photon Art leveling boost is also slated to continue until April 22. Update: The English page has been posted for this week's update.
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    1. Max B's Avatar
      Max B -
      Wow we waited 3 weeks for this....THANK YOU SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jk junk update
    1. Proff's Avatar
      Proff -
      Awesome update. We're totally catching up with the Japanese.
    1. Max B's Avatar
      Max B -
      O yes we are definetly catching up with the japanese lol not really. You do realize it is imposible for us to actualy catch up with them right... unless they shutdown of course...
    1. BanF's Avatar
      BanF -
      Someone needs to update his Sarcasm Detector firmware!
    1. ZIE creations's Avatar
      ZIE creations -
      I just hope this means that next thursday will have an update to make up for this mondain mission...
    1. BLACKFOX216's Avatar
      BLACKFOX216 -
      this sad psu is dying off without a hitch how far behind on updates we are from the japan severs.to me it looks like almost a half a year behind on updates how there gonna keep people on when they cant even give us fresh and new updates..squarenix always make sure ff11 always have great expansions as well as updates..Sega get it in gear your losing people as well as patronage
    1. RappingRappy's Avatar
      RappingRappy -
      wow please why why why dont Sega give cast better luck nothing 5 times in a week I dont get it??
    1. ZIE creations's Avatar
      ZIE creations -
      You also have to think that most people that are not in japan think that phantasy star is a rip of version of final fantasy (even though the first phantasy star was trademarked and released almost a full year befor FF1 in japan) therfore think the game is horrible. One thing all of us that actualy respect the older components in games and rpgs (like an actual advancement in each lvl) and the social network of an mmo will have to deal with is the fact that consle gaming has fallen to the "revolution" of fps and rps and those paid critics will never help our cause... If more people played then we would have the updates...
    1. BLACKFOX216's Avatar
      BLACKFOX216 -
      yes i truthfully agree with you that game is a dying game talking about psu..true statement i play both ff11 and psu and ff11 still rolling out updates..its a shame to let a game with so much potential go to waste l
    1. Loopy's Avatar
      Loopy -
      A mission that few of us will play, I imagine.
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