• Content Update for April 23

    The English page has just gone up for this week's update. Included is the following:
    • The Comeback C-S (partner mission at the GUARDIANS Branch in Ohtoku City)
    • Medals for MAG+ will be rewarded to all Xbox 360 players who placed in the top 100 of the Time Attack Ranking. The medals will be distributed to common boxes and players will have until 1 AM PDT on July 1 to claim them.
    • Spring lobbies will be available from April 23 until May 13.
    • Casino Voloyal item rotation.
    The Photon Art leveling boost as well as the Easter lobbies will be coming down with this week's maintenance period. This update is already being discussed in the forums. Update: The JP 360 homepage has been posted. It reiterates many of the same details, as well as gives the timespan for the seasonal lobbies.
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    1. Cleptomaniac's Avatar
      Cleptomaniac -
      Three weeks for the seasonal lobby which means no update for another three weeks!
      Oh, yeah!
    1. ZIE creations's Avatar
      ZIE creations -
      WOO!!! One update closer to the SUPLUMENT UPDATE!!!
      Although it's true, since there is a seasonal lobby going up
      it will be a wile before the next update but atleast we're
      getting there!!! OH! and make sure to play this mission
      for more than two days. Thanx.
    1. xBULLYDOGG's Avatar
      xBULLYDOGG -
      You do realise that this update doesn't mean that we're closer to the SupUp. It's still down to SoJ allowing the flow of content and consenting the release of content to SoA for us. If it were said that the SupUp would be in 2 months, it could still take 4 or more.
    1. JCGamer's Avatar
      JCGamer -
      Well look the bright side of thing we get a silver metal
      >.> and a pink lobby area
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