• First Supplemental Update Details Released

    The first set of details about the Xbox 360 Supplemental Update was posted earlier today. This update focused mainly on the type and photon art changes that are going to be made. Here is a brief overview:

    • Exact Counter - Characters will become temporarily invincible while using an Exact Counter.
    • Type Changes - The base attack strength for most types will be increased. Certain types, like Masterforce, will receive significant increases to their HP and TECHNIC strength.
    • SUV Rebalanacing - The power and range on Paradi Cataract will be reduced. Also, several new S-Rank SUV items will be added.
    • General Photon Arts Updates - Bow Bullets will have their firing speed and attack strength increased. Grenade Photon Arts will consume less PP.
    • Specific Photon Arts Changes - A large portion of the game's photon arts will be receiving stat changes. Be sure to check out the webpage for a full list.
    Edward, a Sega GM, stated additional details will be posted in the near future. You can discuss this news in our Phantasy Star Universe forum.

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    1. darthplagis's Avatar
      darthplagis -
      its all good news
      so 4 updates, and 4 weeks till GBR would finish.... and vanilla PSU is dead...... hmmmm maybe just maybe (crosses fingers and toes)
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      So they are boosting everyones stats, making PSU even eaiser.
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      Mmkay, more stats and power for... Content that is already easy?
      Lol, I see what you mean XD
    1. xBULLYDOGG's Avatar
      xBULLYDOGG -
      WOOOO new suvs
    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      "The power and range on Paradi Cataract will be reduced." can anyone tell me why there messing with this SUV as its the one suv worth having at higher levels, and can even come close to the damage done by a nano blast. One more thing loving the idea of new S rank suvs but, what a bout a few new nano blasts to chose from for beast, O wait we already have the suvs there just slapping on a s rank badge to em nothing new how disappointing. aside from that should be a good update if they add Gc with it and all the other stuff japan got and don't leave anything out!
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      We won't be getting everything they have all at once. But, hopefully we'll be getting updates at a *somewhat* faster rate once the initial Supp. Update is applied.
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      That's the reason it's the only SUV being used, it just makes everything else out there look pathetic.
      And for nanoblasts- I think the class balance boosts might net them some more power. I'd like a reskin or something though :3
    1. DarthCastivious's Avatar
      DarthCastivious -
      Ok, instead of decreasing the SUV, why not make the same sort of thing for the different elements? Wrath of God, Lightning or fire from the sky! Hell's furry, Lava exploding from the ground! Shadow Mist, a dark fog engolfing the screen! or try adding damage to vivieen's fluge. so instead of only healing and reviving (which NO BODY wants) also add light damage to the ememies (light damage if need be) and maybe even/or inflict confuse/sleep!
      Or how about quit hatting on human's! In pso, everyone got a version of an suv. When everyone used it at the same time, it had ultimate power. to do that now you would need four cast's??? no wonder everyone hates to be a human!
      I know i dread the days when my human has luck. Im like, "great! a whole day of struggling through the missions, thanks psu!";{
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      Hey now, I'm a human! XD
      We'll get love with that G.A.S customization (Because we have more points that anyone! )
      And also- We get some great abilities in... Phantasy Star Portable 2... lol. I wonder when that will be introduced in the real game :3
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