• Ambition of the Illuminus To Become a Free Download

    Starting on June 30th, Ambition of the Illuminus will be a free download on the Xbox Live service! Previously, this Phantasy Star Universe expansion cost 800 points ($10 USD). This download is 2 GB in size and requires Phantasy Star Universe to utilize it. Considering that Ambition of the Illuminus has been made a requirement for PSU's online play, this move will be welcomed by new players. You can discuss this update in this on-going forum thread.

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    1. silva9's Avatar
      silva9 -
      Just great I should have waited for the download free stuff always good! well this is good news for those starting up or do not have it to to bad economic times. Just wondering if this will be a limited time offer or permanent?
    1. YaLyn's Avatar
      YaLyn -
      That is great but you still need the original game. That might be around 20 or so US Dollars for a used one.
    1. Tenchi-Misaki's Avatar
      Tenchi-Misaki -
      I can hear those new people jumping for joy now lol. Sega should have been douches and just kick them out lol
    1. Taco Bell Tacos FTW's Avatar
      Taco Bell Tacos FTW -
      Would of been nice if it started out free =(
    1. Natalie's Avatar
      Natalie -
      I call this sweet victory =D
    1. seth_2000_10's Avatar
      seth_2000_10 -
      well this sucks i spent the 800 points and now its free thats BS
    1. Zarode's Avatar
      Zarode -
      Just recently? You can probably get a refund if you call up Microsoft. Complain, lots. Get the point across, or it won't happen.
    1. Dark Phoenix5's Avatar
      Dark Phoenix5 -
      well it may be free but payin monthly still doesn't help so i guess i still have to wait for that day.the next ps game better have free online
    1. kevlar_pso's Avatar
      kevlar_pso -
      I'll have to clear out a little bit of space for this. I almost bought the expansion too. Only problem is I still need to beat the single player offline game. l0l I'm on chapter 8, I just need to put down my other games and power through PSU.
    1. Max B's Avatar
      Max B -
      Get PSP2 if you want to play for free. I myself am glad it costs $10/month just for the fact that it keeps most of the demo people off the real game.
    1. Zeek123's Avatar
      Zeek123 -
      Oh noes... hope it's not a sign.
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