• New Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Details

    Scans from the latest issue of Famitsu have provided us with the first exciting glimpses of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. Scheduled for release in the winter, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity appears to be a brand new game. Based on the translations that Mike has provided, we know the following details:

    • New Story Mode - There will be a brand new Story Mode that is set during the events of Phantasy Star Portable 2
    • New Race - A new race called "Dumans" are being introduced. They are mutated humans that have an Infinity Blast special attack.
    • Character Redesigns - Existing races will receive visual overhauls.
    • Infinity Difficulty - A new difficulty that is higher than S-Rank.
    • Character Rebirth - The level cap for Infinity will be 200. Once a character hits cap, a "Rebirth" option will appear. Your character level will be reduced 1, but your character will have improved stats.
    • More PSO Monsters - Monsters from Phantasy Star Online such as the Garanz, Chaos Bringer, and Olga Flow will appear in the game.
    • Visual Lobbies - The online lobby system originally seen in Phantasy Star Online will return.
    • Screenshot Functionality - Players will have the ability to take in-game screenshots. Pressing Select will activate Screenshot mode. After that, a player can take a screenshot by pressing the Start button.
    This is very exciting news for fans of the Phantasy Star Portable franchise! You can discuss this new details in this forum thread.

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    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      Dumans are mutated humans huh. So are Newmans and Beasts.
    1. Zantra's Avatar
      Zantra -
      If you were Japanese, you wouldn't need to. You'd live in Japan.
    1. DChip's Avatar
      DChip -
      Online Lobby and... Olga Flow!?!? NOW I am really considering getting a PSP!! O.O
    1. Curindensetsu's Avatar
      Curindensetsu -
    1. garjian's Avatar
      garjian -
      this makes me lose faith in the series...
      the rebirth option sounds like a horrendous waste of time,
      and why wont they let go of PSO and make something that is both new AND good?
      beyond that, its just... why?
      why would i bother buying PSP2 now i know that its being made redundant anyway?
      i havent been enjoying PSU very much lately anyway, and reviewing my standing after reading this, its probabaly time i cancelled...
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Weren't Beasts and Newmen in PSU the result of deliberate genetic manipulation on the part of humans? As far as we know Duman are a mutation and not a manipulation.
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Why won't Sega let go of PSO? Because all the PSO fans would string them up for it.
    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      Yea, this was disappointing news for me too. I just went out and bought a PSP for PSP2 and am enjoying playing the demo, but with news of Infinity it has turned my experience upside down. Also it is a major disappointment to see the PSU series continue. I think PSU's characters have become more and more non-phantasy star like (considering the original series and PSO); I wish the game was a little more mature, didn't have such a silly opening sequence, the de ragan scream is just pathetic and I hope that the PS franchise gets back to its roots.
    1. rappyman95's Avatar
      rappyman95 -
      ... yeah i'd probaley be one of those fans.. lol
    1. parabolee's Avatar
      parabolee -
      Shocked to see so many being negative about this. This news has made me DOUBLY excited about PSPo2, it means I know FOR SURE there is a massive and awesome update on the horizon. It does not in any way undermine my enjoyment of PSPo2.
      I can imagine it may be a damper on those who played a lot of PSPo2 JPN because now they have to choose between playing Infinite in JPN or PSPo2 in english. But for everyone else, how can an addition to what appears to be one of the best entries in the series be a negative?
      Still hoping for a PSO 2 for XBLA and PSN though.
    1. Pavichokche's Avatar
      Pavichokche -
      It could undermine your enjoyment a little bit. When PSPo2 comes out in NA, if it's servers are mixed with the Japanese ones (like they were in PSZ) you would have way fewer people to play with, since most of the Japanese players would update to Infinity in a few months. But that's still an "IF"...
    1. Rukyius's Avatar
      Rukyius -
      I Agree,
      (T^T) Why must they taunt us so.
    1. Alucard V's Avatar
      Alucard V -
      Higher damage output.
    1. Blue_Beast's Avatar
      Blue_Beast -
      this could hurt the sales for the american release of PSP:2 since most people are anticipating a US release for Phantasy Star infinity, they may just stick to thier imports or just wait for the american PSi all together...
    1. Lord Sake's Avatar
      Lord Sake -
      ...And if sales of PSPo2 tank what do you think that does to our chances of getting a localized version of Infinity?
      We are so boned.
      Sega should have at least waited to drop the news of this expansion until the end of September and delayed the release. I guess if Sega had good business sense though, they wouldn't have had to close up shop in the hardware business in the first place.
    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      Or if Sega of Japan actually cared about their foreign customers.
      That said, this doesn't detract from me looking forward to PSPo2, either.
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      There is a reason why Sega of Japan is called that. It's customers are all in Japan.
    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      You expect me to believe that some of the money the out-of-country Sega branches make doesn't go to Sega of Japan? The games are made in Japan, after all.
    1. SStrikerR's Avatar
      SStrikerR -
      Dumans? Creativity -1.
      Character Rebirth is a good idea, whether you think so or not. When people hit 200, a lot of them just retire the character. Now they can continue using them if they choose to, and be even stronger.
      More PSO monsters? Creativity -2, even if I would like to fight them.
      Visual lobbies. Well...they're awesome, so even if it's an old idea I'm glad they're back.
      I'm actually somewhat interested in buying this game. But, we'll see when/if it comes out.
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Sega of Japan doesn't distribute games to non-Japanese customers. Those are handled by the American and European branches. Or were. Whatever became of the SoA and SoE reshuffling in regards to regional distribution / localization is something I'd like to know.
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