• More PSO2 Details Translated from Sega Teaser Video

    Resident translator Espiokaos has been kind enough to post a lengthy list of new Phantasy Star Online 2 details, taken from last night's TGS teaser video. While some of the details were obscured in translation, there are some very interesting bits that should keep the speculations and discussions going strong until we get some more concrete details about this long-awaited sequel. Here is the list of translated details (some of the more interesting or significant changes are in bold):

  • "Action" and "RPG" re-connected
  • Increased variety of client orders
  • Map functions changing in real time
  • User-created story
  • New interface for environmental interactions
  • Global support
  • Thorough racial balances
  • Full user participation events
  • Seasonal changes
  • New chat system
  • New mail functions
  • Drastic item synthesis overhaul
  • Even wider variety of ways to raise your character
  • New direction of event scenes
  • Approach from NPCs (possibly a new approach to NPCs?)
  • Silhouette changes by add-ons (obscured)
  • New photon arts (obscured)
  • Community supported content (obscured)
  • Additional character customization
  • Category-based weapon training system (obscured)
  • Implementation of asynchronous communication
  • New party system
  • Improved enemy AI / cooperation
  • Limitless content
  • New approach to the game client
  • Implementation of a new "life work" (obscured)
  • Daily surprises
  • "Trump card" system
  • Mutual interaction functionality for new and veteran users

  • There were also a number of words and phrases used in the trailer which may give some insight about PSO2's story and setting: "Awakening", "Sealed stone monument", "Pure Dark Falz" (obscured), "Apostles of _____" (obscured), "Camp ship", "Arkz", "Why is darkness born?", "Why is the Great Light no longer here?", and "A world in ruin." Talk about one heck of puzzle to put together! The full, original list can be found here.

    Feel free to post your predictions or interpretations in our comments section or Phantasy Star Online forum! Thanks again to Espiokaos and Shougai PSO for putting together this great information!

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    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      I was skeptical at first with it being called "PSO2" but now I've just came rainbows.
    1. Eulogy21's Avatar
      Eulogy21 -
      Me too, double rainbows!
    1. demon_reikou's Avatar
      demon_reikou -
      "thorough racial balances", Hah.
    1. T_Esquire's Avatar
      T_Esquire -
      I hope that global support means a farewell to segregated servers. I can't tell you how much I miss being able to play with anyone in the world, the Japanese players were some of the best I ever played with.
    1. Koiwai_Keiji's Avatar
      Koiwai_Keiji -
      Arkz! If we're finally getting some pso ep 3 references that would be fantastic, the characters from that game were quite memorable to me.
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      brawwww sobs I had given up hope
    1. AlexCraig's Avatar
      AlexCraig -
      This is very interesting. I can see PSO General is gonna be very active again. I look foreward to seeing more about this.
    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      "User-created story"? I'd love to know more about that.
    1. Pioneer1111's Avatar
      Pioneer1111 -
      I imagine it is something like your story changes based on your choices, But with Their past games to look at, I am expecting it to be very different than what we expect... (In a good way)
    1. DarkShadowX's Avatar
      DarkShadowX -
      Man this is starting to look real promising. Show me some Gameplay Vids and Screens and this may most likely be a Day 1 purchase for me.
    1. SELENNA's Avatar
      SELENNA -
      Will I finally be able to play a new PC PSO which isn't called Blue Burst? HELL YEAH!
    1. Dre_o's Avatar
      Dre_o -
      Please SEGA: Take what you've learned from PSO, PSOBB, PSU, AOTI, PSP, PSP2, PSZ, and fuse it all into a game that will make us all explode on the inside due to the sheer radiant awesome. Do not make it PSU 2 with a side of PSO. Do not make it PSO 1.5 with weapons of PSU. Bring together the genuine fun of PSO with the customization and skill system of PSU while making GIANT overhalls to all the racial imbalances (I won't miss Beasts), foil all the DPS Nazis, and in general, make a game that we can be proud of and that all the trolls have a difficult time actually finding legitimate reasons to howl over. Whether to keep it PC only, my thoughts are as thus: all people who make video games for the PC and consoles know that it is actually a real pain in the ass to get stuff for both of them done. The PC will naturally be done in 1/4 the time and be able to be implemented nearly immediately while the console side will have to jump through a hundred hoops in order to get the same thing done even after the PC side is finished (reference Valve and TF2, though this is pretty limited to content updates, the actual game itself can be done whenever. But COMMUNITY CREATED CONTENT [see TF2 AGAIN] is much easier to put into use on PC: send them the data files, they finalize it, upload it, restart server, done.).
      In short: HELLS YEA PSO2 (as long as they don't screw up) Does this paragraph make sense? Hardly.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      Wow, your wall of text didn't piss me off.
    1. C_MODE's Avatar
      C_MODE -
      If you agree with me please reply!!! Let's make a 'must put in challenge mode' petition!
    1. haruna's Avatar
      haruna -
      My main wish list would be IXNAY ON THE BOSS RESKINS unless they're really different(Vol Opt vs Epsilon) etc.
      I really hope they've made enemies that are more exciting to fight, I've been pretty spoiled with Monster Hunter and how utterly technical/skill based the combat of that game is.
      Some of these ideas seem like they're taking pages out of Guild Wars 2, which is hardly a bad thing. the more I have read about GW2, the more I like what I hear!
    1. Sagasu's Avatar
      Sagasu -
      Ah yes, I've been waiting for this.
      The pieces all seem right, as well.
    1. xX ORM Z Xx's Avatar
      xX ORM Z Xx -
      All these "Updated" details kinda scare me. They make it sound alot like PSU instead of the old traditional PSO.
      If they just add a bunch of new weps and mags and maby a class or two and take some time to revamp the graphics with the old PSO that would be just fine.
      The traditional style is what people still want. Or at least the people I talk to.
    1. Omega-z's Avatar
      Omega-z -
      I have idea on the "New way to handle game client" it may be like how blizzard does StarCraft 2, And will most likely be a PC DLC client. If so then consoles (if they do it) will also be DLC. Most reason for it is for security of the game from hacking and etc.. It`s starting to look very promising for the Fanchise with Global support and others. This maybe 1 of the revival steps that Sega had quoted, This game is A+++
    1. breakeronetwo's Avatar
      breakeronetwo -
      wish this would come to consoles
    1. rappyman95's Avatar
      rappyman95 -
      I hope it comes out for consoles and i hope they will be able to put split screen in it
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