• Neudaiz GBR Begins January 21

    Following updates at the official English forum as well as the Japanese Xbox 360 site, a brand new GUARDIANS Boost Road will begin on January 21 and run through February 24! Following a path through the Mizuraki and Saguraki Conservation Districts, this route provides a drop boost to the following four missions for GBR participants:

    • Mizuraki Defense
    • Demons Above
    • Sakura Blast
    • Flowery Pursuit

    Furthermore, these four missions will receive S3 difficulties to up the challenge for everyone as well as introduce a few new items to the game. Also be sure to check out the winter lobbies in Clyez and Holtes City... they'll only be around through February 3!

    Update: The English update page has also been posted detailing this content. Note that Snowman will be available at the Variety Shop for the duration of the seasonal lobbies. There will also be a Casino rotation from the Berry/Sweet set to the Goth set. Hit the Counter! will still be available for those players that earned a milestone prize during the event and haven't picked it up yet. Ice Crystal Exchange will also still be available, but with a few minor tweaks. Congratulations to everyone who helped unlock all of the Absolute Zero milestone rewards! These will be distributed at a later date. Look here for a discussion thread about this update in the forums.

    Update: The JP end maintenance notes mention that the team has fixed an issue which would cause certain game servers to crash.

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    1. EspioKaos's Avatar
      EspioKaos -
      Demons Above S3 can drop a new biomaterial called Heart of Devil. It'll be required for future trade-ins. Not counting new boards, that's pretty much it.
    1. BanF's Avatar
      BanF -
      Gah, we just finished a two-month Neudaiz spam-a-thon and this GBR is set in pretty much the same area? I'll just skip this one...
    1. TwistedDragon's Avatar
      TwistedDragon -
      I will be waking up a soon as the servers come up. I will be one of the first to 50%.
    1. Black Number 7's Avatar
      Black Number 7 -
      I'm looking forward to this
    1. Imatron_'s Avatar
      Imatron_ -
      Another two weeks of NOT white beast? Thank you Sega O_O!
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      Hopefully they keep this up. After the GBR is over, they should drop us right into another event. But, that probably won't happen.
    1. morbidxxx000's Avatar
      morbidxxx000 -
      Im personally gonna try to do these but i have a feeling everyones just gonna crowd around white beast and spam the shit out of it and complain about when theyre gonna get their event rewards like usual :/ I hope that people are tired of that though and actually do the GBR plus i need to get a photon eraser and maybe i can find one in th GBR with the increased drop rate ...Regardless at moments like this just remember to be happy your noy playing the demo cause we all know what happens on the demo...... for the few who dont know i have three words for you.... dick pic spam
    1. JCGamer's Avatar
      JCGamer -
      Heart of Devil O.o same item from pso O_O why the heck did they bring that item in the psu game. I mean we don't have no meg on psu to evo into the devil wing. so what the purpose for that item to exist in first place >.>
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      Copy and paste into your URL bar and hit "Enter" to find out what it's used for: http://psupedia.info/Heart_of_Devil
    1. MillyB's Avatar
      MillyB -
      O well at least there is gonna be an event at the end of this!!
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      Hopefully, and I figured something similar, but I don't think that's confirmed.
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