• Phantasy Star Online 2 High-Resolution Gameplay Video

    The Japanese Phantasy Star Online 2 webpage was updated today with a high-resolution version of the video first seen at Infinity Gran Prix Event. To view the video, go to the Phantasy Star Online 2 webpage, scroll to the bottom, and click on the "Movie" link. Alternatively, you can view the movie directly at this link. Even if you watched the original video from a few days ago, this version is definitely worth looking at. It gives a clean, detailed look at the character designs, storyline, user interface, and gameplay footage for Rangers and Hunters.

    You can share your reaction to this video in our Phantasy Star Online 2 forum.

    Update: Vashyron has uploaded the high-resolution video on to Youtube.

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    1. r00tabaga's Avatar
      r00tabaga -
      Youtube video is much better btw. Ok, so WHAT'S UP WITH THE HUNTER METER?!? I noticed the white ball flashing above the 3 action buttons and it wasn't there for the RA. Anyone have a guess why it builds? Is it like a PSPo2 chain system that only melee can build???
    1. Shinji Kazuya's Avatar
      Shinji Kazuya -
      Thanks a lot Vashyron!
    1. Endu_Landale's Avatar
      Endu_Landale -
      the flashing over the actions indicate the buttons being used, kinda like in PSO where a glowing ring goes around whatever combo you push. The RA actually did flash once before shooting which leads me to believe he's holding the button down as you can see he's going at it full-auto.
    1. Endu_Landale's Avatar
      Endu_Landale -
      Thanks for the awesome upload Vashyron!!! I didn't think I could drop a load of rainbows in my pants twice in the same week, but I did...Double Rainbow, what does it mean!?!?!?!?
    1. MegaZoneXE's Avatar
      MegaZoneXE -
    1. Infiniteque's Avatar
      Infiniteque -
      That's sort of like PS Zero then where.. when you hold it down the action becomes something else? At least I think that's how PS Zero Photon Arts work (I just started playing it last night).
    1. Infiniteque's Avatar
      Infiniteque -
      I'm getting the word out now with everyone I know. I might even pay for my brother's HL just to be sure he gets online with this.
      I really... really want this game. Like it's gone beyond hype..
    1. r00tabaga's Avatar
      r00tabaga -
      look a little more closely...there is a meter that is filling with the number 1 in it. The icons flicker when used, the white flash is on the meter. Only shows for hunters.
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      im still iffy on the game in general, it has alot to live up to, to be good, i hope theres alot of character customization still like PSU had, but still include alot of different armors to wear etc, cause the more diversity it has the better imo
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      lol, you beat me to it. That's all I was thinking as I watched the video
    1. Hatrix's Avatar
      Hatrix -
      The last combo the ranger did looks like a PA rapid fire + explosion, looks fun =O
    1. Endu_Landale's Avatar
      Endu_Landale -
      PB meter?
    1. Kendrik's Avatar
      Kendrik -
      Ugh. So. Hyped. :O
    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      The HQ video makes the actions & scenes clearer. Looks very promising so far.
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      Hmm. Though I saw the other video, I see they make the gunner a girl with pink hair and pigtails. I tell you. The coincidence factor is just mounting up. Sega has to be monitoring my PSU gaming. Now, I'm gonna have to make up some new fresh ideas to see if they also coincidentally end up in a Phantasy Star video or release.
    1. Benj38's Avatar
      Benj38 -
      it seems to be a really good start. design of monsters sucks a little, I hope they will manage to rebuilt the success of the PSO license, and bury once and for all that damn PSU one...
    1. NeoN247's Avatar
      NeoN247 -
      Loved PSO, played PSU and am so ready for a return to form with PSO2, i hope it delivers what we all sorely want. Gonna try and get as many people as possible in on this, looks very promising so far.
    1. Pioneer1111's Avatar
      Pioneer1111 -
      I can't wait to see the Techniques and their system for them
    1. Aeiku's Avatar
      Aeiku -
      You and me both mate.
    1. r00tabaga's Avatar
      r00tabaga -
      PB meter appears underneath the larger HP & PP meters. I'm more interested in finding out what the meter that is just above the 3 action buttons at the bottom of the screen is. It builds in a chain fashion, but only for the hunter in the video. It flashes differently than the action keys and has a numerical value too. Where's Ruby when you need 'em?
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