• The Great Arms Race Starts June 10!

    Attention GUARDIANS! The official message board and Japanese 360 site have updated with exciting details on the Xbox 360 server's next major event: The Great Arms Race! Kicking off Friday, June 10, this event will have individual Guardians side with a weapon manufacturer of their choosing in a race to gather battle data to be used in the production of a brand new weapon. Full details can be found at the official event site, which will open once the servers have come back up from maintenance. Here's a full rundown of what to expect with this update.

    • The Great Arms Race: This event is scheduled to run from June 10 through July 14. The following missions will be available from the start (though others will be unlocked as the event progresses).
      • Weapon R&D Project: Stop by this mission first to choose the manufacturer you want to represent for the event. If you don't select a manufacturer, you won't be able to participate!
      • Visitor's Memory C-S3: This simulation recreates a previous assault on a HIVE.
      • Blizzard Cavern C-S3: This mission simulates an infected native creature infestation in the northern continent of Moatoob.
      • Hit the Counter!: Lucky event participants who hit a 100,000 enemy kill milestone will gain access to this mission where they can collect a unique prize.
    • Special Trading Stn. update: Numerous new items will be added to the RSD's Special Trading Station!
    • Sonic's birthday: June 23 is Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th birthday, so Clyez City has gotten ready for the celebration by decorating the streets with Sonic-themed statues. Decorations (and Jaggo Sonichis) will be up through June 30.
    • Item updates: Aside from the new items dropping from the event missions and added to Special Trading Stn., Casino Voloyal's exchange counter will be updated with the normal rotation of room goods.

    This news post will be updated with new information as it arrives. But for now, check out BIG OLAF's thread on this update over at the forum!

    Update: The official event site is open! Just as a heads up, the manufacturer weapon rewards which will be distributed at the end of the event are different from the original Japanese PC/PS2 version of the event. In the Xbox 360 version, GRM are producing Nug-2000 Bazooka (laser cannon), Yohmei are producing Motav Prophecy (wand) and TENORA are creating Berdysh (spear). Please see the official event site for more information.

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