• Phantasy Star Online 2: FOmarl, FOmar, and Rappy Screenshots

    Three new Phantasy Star Online 2 screenshots were released today in the latest copy of the official Japanese email list. These screenshots feature the FOmar, FOmarl, and Rappies! Be sure to click on the pictures to view larger versions.

    A FOmarl casts a spell

    A FOmar attacks an enemy with a cane.

    There had been some speculation on the forums that the Force class may not exist in Phantasy Star Online 2. Thankfully, that is not the case.

    These are the creepiest Rappies I have ever seen.

    Credit goes to Mike for bringing us this news. You can discuss these screenshots in this forum thread.

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    1. TheAstarion's Avatar
      TheAstarion -
      Here's hoping the Force gameplay isn't just wands & rods. The thing I loved most about PSO was casting techs with any weapon, be it a FOmar with a melee weapon for backup, or the HUney with spells as an option. Most other games don't do this, it's part of what made PSO unique.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Rappies are looking more and more like the Dezolis Penguin every day.
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      Melee forces....yessss!
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      Oh my. Melee Forces? I think I'll be returning as a FOmar as my primary. This is too cool for words.
      I also love the fact that the Rappies are so big now. (Life-sized Rappies FTW)
      All in all. Loving the screenshots.
    1. Zarode's Avatar
      Zarode -
      The happiest rappies.
    1. AnnabellaRenee87's Avatar
      AnnabellaRenee87 -
      WHAT TIME IS IT!?!?!WHAT TIME IS IT!?!?!WHAT TIME IS IT!?!?! Your comment is officially making me name my alt Finn, The Human.
      Anyways, the Rappies look so....... so........ ????!!!!!
      I like how the textures are getting more and more detailed as the newer screen shots come out. Lets just hope that animations are more fluid and not as robotic as they where in the game play video.
    1. Norco's Avatar
      Norco -
      Awesome pictures! There is one class I've yet to see in screenshots that I'd like to see, HUnewm. I know they weren't in orginal PSO, but I am still hoping to see them xD
    1. SailorCallie1977's Avatar
      SailorCallie1977 -
      Cool pics!
    1. Alex Longstride's Avatar
      Alex Longstride -
      Partially obscured in the pic with the FOmar hitting things with his staff, we can see the HUnewearl wielding Twin Sabers; there is a possibility that I'm wrong and they're Kataras, Knuckles, or (I'd hate it if this is how they look now) Daggers.
    1. Massamix3.0's Avatar
      Massamix3.0 -
      I can beat things with a staff again!? Someone give me an Alive Aqhu so I can wail on Chaos Sorcerers. Ah, the good ol days.
    1. TakonePig's Avatar
      TakonePig -
      Raappieeess!!! *__*
    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Very fluffy rappies. Melee Fo are A-ok.
    1. BWS-1's Avatar
      BWS-1 -
      Middle-Rappy looks like a happy-zombie-Rappy... they might all be zombie Rappies. Very happy ones, at that.
    1. AlexCraig's Avatar
      AlexCraig -
      Definately look more like Ragol Rappies than PSU or PSZ rappies. As for the Forces, they definately ring more of a FOmar and FOmarl from PSO. Slight alterations to the outfits, but VERY similar.
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      I believe they're katars, based on the way she's holding them. Most likely in a "claw" class of weaponry.
    1. M3rror's Avatar
      M3rror -
      Notice the HUnewearl in the background of the FOmar pic. Either those are claws or daggers. Look like Claws, but Twin Claws were never in PSO. Also look at the saber/sword going through one of the enemies.
    1. DieannaKill's Avatar
      DieannaKill -
      I agree with "These are the creepiest Rappies I have ever seen."
    1. Kyrith_Ranger_Pso's Avatar
      Kyrith_Ranger_Pso -
      well, i must say im in love with the way the rappies look
    1. Valkyrie Lovrina's Avatar
      Valkyrie Lovrina -
      those rappies are so adorable. I like how they resemble PSO's Rag Rappy. tbh, I'm more anxious to see FOnewearl in PSO2.
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