• Phantasy Star Online 2: Mags Confirmed

    Earlier today, the official Phantasy Star Online blog was launched. As part of the first entry, it was announced that Mags will be coming to Phantasy Star Online 2! In previous Phantasy Star games, Mags gave characters stat boosts and provided useful special abilities. According to the blog, Mags are currently still under development for Phantasy Star Online 2 and screenshots will be forthcoming. However, it was mentioned that the color of the mag will change depending on who equips it.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Mag
    Basic Mag

    Credit goes to Mike for bringing us this news. You can discuss this news in this forum thread.

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    1. MagraiserPR's Avatar
      MagraiserPR -
      SWEET BABY JESUS!!!! cant wait to get one lol
    1. DayDreamer's Avatar
      DayDreamer -
      Now all i need is Photon chairs and I'll be happy xD
    1. Crawfeesh's Avatar
      Crawfeesh -
      *happy face*
    1. Gunslinger-08's Avatar
      Gunslinger-08 -
      Awesome! Now half of the fanboys will quit whining about how they won't get the game if there weren't mags in it! /facetious
    1. celestria's Avatar
      celestria -
      glad we are finaly getting mags PSU lacked them
    1. SELENNA's Avatar
      SELENNA -
      Glad they listened and let's erase Partner Machinery from our collective memory
    1. gordon/alpha999's Avatar
      gordon/alpha999 -
      They better have mag cells!
    1. RadXXL's Avatar
      RadXXL -
      So happy to hear this
    1. EtherForce's Avatar
      EtherForce -
      Mags are back? This makes me a happy man!
    1. DarkShadowX's Avatar
      DarkShadowX -
      Yes! Can't wait to see the new Mags, but still hope they bring back some old ones like Nidra, Soniti, and Asparas.
    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      Very exciting news!! How thankful we all are to know this!!
    1. yoshiblue's Avatar
      yoshiblue -
      Awesome Sauce
    1. NightHour13's Avatar
      NightHour13 -
      Mags! Mags! Yes, MAGs! I can't believe they're back, someone up there listened. I agree in that we should all erase our memories of the Partner Machinery that so blankly backed us up. Somehow my mag was more personal, and that's a big difference when one's stationary and the other one is meant to be more personal haha.
    1. pythonxz's Avatar
      pythonxz -
      Finally! Ok, NOW this feels like a true sequel. I felt that Universe really didn't do it for me, although they made some good changes with Phantasy Star Portable 2 that made it feel more like PSO. Mags were a major part of what was missing in that formula. Now I only need an ice-blue Sato and I'll be set.
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