• Phantasy Star Online 2 Character Creator Released

    The Japanese Phantasy Star Online 2 character creator and system benchmarking program was released earlier today. It is available for download from the Japanese website. It can also be downloaded from the 4gamer mirror. The download is 446 MB.

    Credit goes to Mike for bringing us this news. You can share screenshots of your characters in this forum thread.

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    1. BWS-1's Avatar
      BWS-1 -
      Na, you should be fine. Try ctrl+z, it works in the creator
    1. sankosa's Avatar
      sankosa -
      I'm having a problem with unresponsiveness. put simply, it's lagging out the hoop. has anyone else had that problem, or is it just because my computer can't handle the graphics? if it's a problem with the graphics, how do i turn the settings down so i can run it?
    1. PSOWii's Avatar
      PSOWii -
      I suffered 0 Lag.
      32GB Ram
      1GB Radeon 6770
      I have 3x 1GB Radeon 6770 but the benchmark gave me the same score with 1 and with all 3 running.
      My Benchmark scored a 4451.
      Does you computer meet the minimum requirements?
      As for changing graphics settings i couldn't tell you. I looked all over the settings area and can't find anything that i can disurn as graphics controls. It's possible that they havn't implemented them yet.
    1. sankosa's Avatar
      sankosa -
      I'm almost certain it does. of course, it is a laptop from almost five years ago, so that might be part of it. looks like I'll need to upgrade the frag out of it after all.
    1. viewtifulbo's Avatar
      viewtifulbo -
      I just finished making a FOnewm!! Can't wait for this game to be announced for the US and everywhere else!
    1. BlackRaiden's Avatar
      BlackRaiden -
      If spending the whole afternoon till now playing with the demo mean anything its that I really needed some PSO2 in my system XD... Outside of a few nitpicks here and there it was pretty good though I'm going to need a new laptop/computer cause my poor machine failed the Test miserably XD...
    1. PSOWii's Avatar
      PSOWii -
      We need to send a collective message to SEGA Japan and asking for an area to test drive our new characters. Maybe a small battle island to try out character movement with basic equipment and weapons. A creature or two to kill on the test island would be great too. Anyone agree? If so, then follow my lead and send them a message. http://phantasystar.sega.jp/psportal/pso2/msg/
    1. Noxia's Avatar
      Noxia -
      I created a Pouny !! O.O a very Pouny !!
      I'm pounyfied (^.^)
    1. Aki_Yoruno's Avatar
      Aki_Yoruno -
      What the freak is a Pouny?
    1. Indignation Judgment's Avatar
      Indignation Judgment -
      I scored 879 on the Test. Is that supossed to mean I can run the real game when it comes out?
    1. PSOWii's Avatar
      PSOWii -
      ouch. what were you Frames per second? My score was 4451 running at 70-80/fps.
    1. Indignation Judgment's Avatar
      Indignation Judgment -
    1. Magical Trevor's Avatar
      Magical Trevor -
      8391 at about 100 fps most of the test. I am running a single HD5770 on a 6 core. BTW is the test only in 720p windowed?
      EDIT: Nvm found it. ran 60 fps @1080p full.
    1. Mizumi323's Avatar
      Mizumi323 -
      The new character design interface is amazing... o.O;
      And now they're making me think twice about making a Hunter instead of a Force...
    1. FOmarJaochim's Avatar
      FOmarJaochim -
      God, this is amazing! It's what I've been dreaming about and needing since PSU. I'd seen vids, but to be able to go at it myself...and the music sounds so wonderfully promising. PSU was fun an all, but I was disappointed with so many things. And PSO had such a beautiful soundtrack by comparison. This looks to be making up for everything!
      'Twould've been handy to know a bit of Japanese, but hey; trial and error.
      2013 come on, come on!
    1. LChaos2's Avatar
      LChaos2 -
      When you open the client from your Desktop shortcut, a window should appear with 4 buttons, the 3rd being grayed out. Click the second button to open settings.
      The window that you see is the graphics settings tab. There should be a bar that goes from 1 to 5, with 3 being defaulted. This is where you adjust the quality. If you are lagging, slide it to a lower number.
      Now that you are done, click on the bottom right-most button, you should get a japanese confirmation window with 3 buttons. Click the left one to save your settings.
    1. LChaos2's Avatar
      LChaos2 -
      Blargh, I can't get sound to work... Though, the visuals are just fine.
    1. thekkeffect's Avatar
      thekkeffect -
      this is awesome!..the benchmark is nice too. i got around a 7200 which is not bad im guessing..haha
    1. Lance813's Avatar
      Lance813 -
      Mike, I just want to say thank you for all of the wonderful work that you've done for the PSOW community. So, yeah... Thanks!
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      I only scored 11k at 40-50 fps, on an i7 quad core 4 gigs of ram, it runs, and dont forgot, the graphics by default is medium, you can change how intense it is
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