• Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta News and Closed Beta Report

    The Japanese Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test webpage was updated today with news about future beta tests. Here is a brief summary:
    • A "Pre-open Beta" will be held late in late June.
    • Open Beta pre-registration for new accounts will start tomorrow. This will also allow you to play the Pre-Open Beta.
    • Existing accounts should be able to participate in both the Pre-open and Open Betas.
    • There will be a reward for participating in the Pre-open Beta.
    • If the Pre-open Beta is successful, the Open Beta will likely start soon after Pre-open Beta concludes.

    In addition, the Closed Beta report was published. Here are some of the highlights:
    • The client was downloaded approximately 147,000 times.
    • Approximately 131,000 people (70% of the accepted testers) logged in sometime during the closed beta testing period.
    • The highest number of simultaenous connected users occured on April 21st with 23,500 users.

    Credit goes to Mike for bringing us this news. You can read more about the Closed Beta report and comment on the Beta news in this on-going forum thread.

    Update: The registration site has opened.
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    1. Scionni's Avatar
      Scionni -
      F5ing for a link to signup, haha.
    1. spadge3k00's Avatar
      spadge3k00 -
      any idea if itll be IP locked ?
    1. Cypher_9's Avatar
      Cypher_9 -
      If it happens then the question would be answered but, personally I feel everything would be fine.
    1. slave2pso's Avatar
      slave2pso -
      Great. More Betas I won't get to be a part of. Urinate on me some more, why dontcha!
    1. pokemaniactim's Avatar
      pokemaniactim -
      Why don't you just apply for the Beta? I just did. lol
    1. tikigod13's Avatar
      tikigod13 -
      Are we going to be able to keep characters from pre beta when it goes into open beta?
      I know they aren't letting us keep our characters closed.
    1. Graven's Avatar
      Graven -
      Is it still possible to enter beta?
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      oh my god finally, i completely missed the first closed beta. Nows my time to shine. Although i wish someone could publish a tutorial on how to signup, i dont know anything about how to speak Japanese. So yea can someone plz respond if they know how? thanks if you do i really appreciate it =]
    1. SalemSlighted's Avatar
      SalemSlighted -
      Ohh! i just signed up for the Sega ID! I cant wait for my beta test copy ^.^ this will be a first pso experience, since i havent played the original. I am shivering with excitement over this!!
      (and the japanese is still a pain even with a translator....)
    1. cowgoboom18's Avatar
      cowgoboom18 -
      where do u go to appy for thde beta
    1. brian3000's Avatar
      brian3000 -
      Registering... Sorry if it sounds confusing...
      Hmm So pretty much go to the "Update: The registration site has opened." above^. Next you have to create a new sega ID and use a new email address that was not already used for a new sega ID. On the page, click the first Big Blue button. Enter your new email address. Register your new sega ID and other info, when your done registering, you will get a new email to finish registering and then you will be able to go to a website they send you that has different other things to register for but only look for pso2. Its pretty much self explanatory from there.
    1. Bolmack's Avatar
      Bolmack -
      Can some1 help me to get a sega ID i dont understand japanese and i cant write in katakanas xD rly i dont know how to do it can some1 help me ? D:
    1. brian3000's Avatar
      brian3000 -
      just turn on the "translate this page from japanese to english" in your browser.
    1. Bolmack's Avatar
      Bolmack -
      How i do that in mozzila? O_O can some1 help me? please send me a pm
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      i use mozilla also, just switch over to chrome for a second to do it
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      theres a link above that says the registration period is now, click it, if your using chrome use it to translate the Japanese then register a Sega ID. Go yo ur email and complete the registration. Then there should be a button that says use registration or something like that. Scroll down until you reach pso2. click it sign up and then wait for an email then u get to play =]
    1. shinkami's Avatar
      shinkami -
      Here is a link on how to do it
    1. shinkami's Avatar
      shinkami -
      Ok I just signed up.
      So now...I just wait until late June? Or can I play it right now?
      Do you download the client from some site or will they send you an email once it's time for the Pre-Open beta?
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      i was just about to ask about that, as far as i know they will send out emails when the beta starts. just keep your eyes peeled for an email
    1. shinkami's Avatar
      shinkami -
      Thx! Really can't wait until then
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