• Phantasy Star Online 2 Pre-Open Beta Scheduled for June 15th & 16th

    The Japanese Phantasy Star Online 2 Pre-Open Beta has been scheduled for June 15th and June 16th. The playtime window will be limited each day to the following hours:
    • Eastern Standard Time: 6am to 11am
    • Pacific Standard Time: 3am to 8am

    Character data will be wiped once the Pre-Open Beta is completed. Also, characters will receive a code for a Bouquet Rifle if a specific Desert Mission is completed. The Bouquet Rifle will be delivered to users sometime during the Open Beta test.

    If the Pre-Open Beta is successful, the Open Beta will start immediately after Pre-Open Beta ends.

    Credit goes to ShadowDragon28 and FenixStryk for bringing us this news. You can share your thoughts in this forum thread.
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    1. Oniyoru's Avatar
      Oniyoru -
      ZOMG I didn't have time to get a PC good enough to play yet XD
      What happened to end of month? Hahahah
    1. muffinmann97's Avatar
      muffinmann97 -
      where can i download the installer for the pre-open beta? Or isnt the installer out yet?
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      not out yet, if you signed up, they'll send you an email and stuff most likely on the 15th
    1. imrevned's Avatar
      imrevned -
      Well... looks like I'm going to be waking up at 3 from now on.
    1. muffinmann97's Avatar
      muffinmann97 -
      thank you
    1. Alena Zouryx's Avatar
      Alena Zouryx -
      Whoo-hoo!! I hope to see you guys there! <3
    1. cowgoboom18's Avatar
      cowgoboom18 -
      ahhhhhh yeah i cant wait for the pre open beta
    1. cowgoboom18's Avatar
      cowgoboom18 -
      dose anyone know what the required spects are to play the game
    1. slipknotver's Avatar
      slipknotver -
      Where can i sign up at if i still can? can someone plz give a link?
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      whats your computer specs?
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      same xD
    1. cowgoboom18's Avatar
      cowgoboom18 -
      on the east it will be 11 for me
    1. cowgoboom18's Avatar
      cowgoboom18 -
      or 6 sorry read the thread wrong
    1. Geist Zero's Avatar
      Geist Zero -
      Yes! we are all excited! PSO2 YAAAA!!
      Can someone please post the official site for the login for the ID. ive already registered an ID, but i need dibs on the site itself.
      this may be a dumb thing to ask, but is it the PSO.JP site? or some other sega site? just wanna make sure. :P
    1. StepsonuTM's Avatar
      StepsonuTM -
      Be ready on friday xD <3
    1. Maxobiwan's Avatar
      Maxobiwan -
      Will it be possible to download the beta client before it start ? I think 5 hours is not enough for me...
    1. otakun's Avatar
      otakun -
      Can anyone get into the pre-OB or is it restricted to the previous testers still? Also, I know this was mentioned before but can we still use the previous beta client or do we need to redownload?
    1. hiyall's Avatar
      hiyall -
      the date for the pre open beta is not official. one of the producers accidently put a banner up with the date but took it down soon after. so might not even start the 15th. i could be wrong though. just reading what it says in the blog
    1. Kenrokuen's Avatar
      Kenrokuen -
      the beta can be downloaded here
    1. g3kko's Avatar
      g3kko -
      for our german friend like me, it is
      12:00 to 17:00 CEST (UTC+2)
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