• Phantasy Star Online 2 Servers Will Not Be Linked

    Japanese gaming website 4gamer.net recently interviewed Satoshi Sakai, producer for the Phantasy Star Online series. In the interview, Sakai talks about the creation of Phantasy Star Online 2, future updates, and the regional servers. In particular, he mentioned the North American/European servers will not be linked to the Japanese servers.

    This turn of events will surely come as a disappointment to those that were expecting globaly linked servers.

    Credit goes to Neirene for bringing us this news. You can discuss this news in this forum thread.
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    1. DoctorShanks's Avatar
      DoctorShanks -
      Good. Language barriers kind of suck anyway.
      Oh well, can't be helped. I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up anyway since I don't know of many modern MMOs that link the Eastern and Western servers anymore.
    1. EvilJohn -
      that kinda sucked i loved that pso ver1&2 dc could play with everyone, from everywhere.
    1. Macman's Avatar
      Macman -
      It's less about language barriers and playing with a global community, as it is about keeping up to date with content releases, bug/exploit patches and reliable GMs.
      If the servers are separated again, it pretty much paves the way for this game to be another PSU, where the western servers rarely get new areas, missions, or weapons, and even more rarely get special events.
    1. BWS-1's Avatar
      BWS-1 -
      Look at it on the bright side! Japanese servers do QA on new content and balance it out, US/EU servers get the patched up and localized content!* Totally worth it. *Well... assuming they ever GET the content.** **Not thinking of PSU at all here, nooo /sarcasm.
    1. pso2love's Avatar
      pso2love -
      3 questions I have for you, SEGA!
      1. Will we get all content from Jpn servers, excluding "game culturalization", into the west server?
      2. Will SOA/SOE set reasonable prices for arks cash?
      3. And will we see Vita, iOS/Android versions in the west?
    1. pso2love's Avatar
      pso2love -
      I would love for someone to ask Sakai specifically about being up to date with content, and not omitting "new areas, missions, or weapons, and even more rarely get special events" for the western server.
    1. Gun96's Avatar
      Gun96 -
      So they pretty much just crapped in our faces.....again. Well time to learn how to read japanese.
    1. BWS-1's Avatar
      BWS-1 -
      But now the game is F2P so they'll... probably use that as the reason to further minimize the support for the game. Hmmm, maybe since we'll likely have to pay to transfer from dead servers/ships to another they'll have less financial restrictions in that effect? Not to mention the My Room and Trading ''not default anymore'' features and the Ark cash setup... I HAVE FAITH, this might not be the end before the beginning! Why would they refrain from making the same mistakes as they did with PSU only to do WORSE? Really let's... let's just wait until it comes out here and has been out for about 6 months before starting to lose ourselves (I know it's hard, I'm having a hard time being neither overly optimistic or overly pessimistic).
    1. Gun96's Avatar
      Gun96 -
      Yeah maybe they wont mess up, and who knows maybe they COULD do super good with this, but i wouldn't get my hopes up, especially not after how SoA treated PSU like a broken toy. I don't know much about SoE but thats just me. We'll have to see if they pull their head of the butts and everyone gets the same thing at the same time.
    1. Neoistheone's Avatar
      Neoistheone -
      Looks like I will be playing on the Japanese servers only then, I may have an account on the English servers but will never put a lot of effort in to it.
    1. DerpiestShazbot's Avatar
      DerpiestShazbot -
      Didn't they promise global support in the first teaser trailer for this game?
      Well this sucks.
    1. Neith's Avatar
      Neith -
      JP Server 1 : 0 US Server.
      Don't know why they insist on clinging to this archaic server structure, but whatever. I'll be sticking with JP version for the foreseeable future.
    1. Noxia's Avatar
      Noxia -
      So you just don't care about those who want to read the story ? You don't care about what the NPCs are saying to you ? You really want the US version to go down as fast as possible ?
      You don't care about me ? ;-;
    1. Graven's Avatar
      Graven -
      The only hope now, is for they to state that the western servers will walk side by side with they JP servers, otherwise it will be lame. Or put optional english language in the JP client.
    1. AncientRemnants's Avatar
      AncientRemnants -
      Still going to play on the english servers. Who's with me!!!?
    1. Endykins's Avatar
      Endykins -
      I'm more than happy to not have to play with the JP only tards. This is great news. ^_^
    1. ThaiSoup's Avatar
      ThaiSoup -
      You mean I get the choice to only troll people in my language? Sweet.
      Looking at how traffic is on the PSO2 JP servers. They probably went back on it for stability issues. Or just..because they can. Don't know, don't care. JP has been just one big beta for me anyways. Personally, I rather them work on higher server capacity to make ships just like blocks were in PSU. As much as enjoyable as it was to stay away from the masses on Uni2. It was nice to have enough part of the same community for trade forums purposes. But since trading and shops are all cash associated now. Not sure how many fucks I care about that either besides having more up in shops to buy.
    1. HIT0SHI's Avatar
      HIT0SHI -
      Once the US version is released, it better be up to date vs the JP servers... ">>
    1. Shade_Koopa's Avatar
      Shade_Koopa -
      PSO 2; with out the global server will end up just like PSU servers. We will never get all the content and it will die quickly. Why does sega hate us...
    1. Shade_Koopa's Avatar
      Shade_Koopa -
      Probably not, PSO 2 will end up like PSU. Unless they give us all the content update the JPN version will get, PSO 2 will die. There is just now love for us over here.
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