• PSO2 (JP) - SEGA Apologizes for Bugs, Gives 50 Grinders to Everyone Affected

    In an update on the official Phantasy Star Online 2 player's site today, SEGA apologized for the large number of issues resulting from December 5th's maintenance, which included a number of server optimizations to better support PSO2's Vita release.

    The issues, which ranged from infinite loading screens to crazy character and texture glitches, were patched in an emergency update on December 6th and again in this week's December 19th update.

    To appease the masses and say "sorry" in a way that people generally respond well to, SEGA is giving out tons of free grinders; 50 per person, to be exact. The grinders were delivered today to players' storage boxes. In order to have received them, you must have logged in sometime between the December 5th and December 19th server maintenance periods. Enjoy, everyone!

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    1. metatime's Avatar
      metatime -
      yea people will always complain. Sometimes when testing in testing and staging servers, the changes seem fine but theres always 1 little unforeseen factor that prevents anyone from finding the issue until it happens.
    1. Kuronen's Avatar
      Kuronen -
      Boy, I wish Sega America took care of their customers/player base like Sega JP does!
    1. finalbillybong's Avatar
      finalbillybong -
      Mmmm, weird. I don't have any. I logged in between those dates. What gives?
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      If you've been affected by the glitches (and I mean REALLY affected, not just finding a texture-related glitch), then it's weird.
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