• PSO2 (JP) - New Information on Arkz Clones Content for January 9th, Plus New Video

    The official Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) player's site has been updated with new information regarding January 9th's upcoming content update, which is being called something along the lines of "A Future Worse Than Death". This will be the update featuring the much talked about Arkz clones and corresponding quest that will have players trying to escape from the Darker's Den. In addition to the new info, which we'll cover below, a new video has been released which highlights the content updates for late December and early January, check it out:

    Okay, so back to those clones. Briefly covered in a previous story, a new quest will be added in January in which the camp ship may be taken over by Darkers (this quest may be called, "Abducted & Cloned"). In this event, players will be transported to the Darker's Den and must escape without being able to return to the camp ship. Upon successfully completing this new "escape quest", players will be cloned by the Darkers and may appear to fight future players running the quest.

    During the quest, players may encounter an emergency trial where they will battle clones of other Arkz, and possibly even themselves or friends. These clones will drop items, just like any other enemy, but defeating clones of yourself or friends will yield even better drops. The clones will have the same appearance, weapons, and even auto-words as their original player. The probability of getting this emergency trial is said to be low. It's also worth noting that it was previously mentioned that defeating a clone of yourself might also give a special title.

    Thanks to mailsonds for posting the news about the new video in our forums, where a discussion is already underway!

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      Man gonna love screenshots of people fighting and arguing with their doppleganger...especially the ones that trashtalk a lot. That would be priceless.
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