• PSO2 (JP) Upcoming Live Broadcast #6 for March 5th, 2013

    SEGA has announced that their sixth live broadcast for Phantasy Star Online 2 will air on March 5th on Niconico Nama. This episode will be welcoming PSO2 Vita players, as well as celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series and the latest milestone of 1.7 million player IDs.

    Like previous broadcasts, the show will by hosted by Haruko Momoi, Ichitaro Ai, guest Atsuko Enomoto, and PSO2 producer Satoshi Sakai. Here's a brief rundown of what will be included:

  • Over 100 minutes of Live PSO2 gameplay and information
  • Info on the next content update, "Walking Together" for PSO2 PC and Vita
  • Update on the "Character Voice" project

  • The broadcoast starts at 9pm in Japan, with doors opening at 8:50pm JST. To those of us in the Western hemisphere, this should be around 7:00am EST / 6:00am CST / 5:00am MST / 4:00am PST. To view the broadcast, click here.

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