• PSO2 (JP) - Upcoming Content for March: New Field, Weapon Camo and More!

    During their 6th Live Broadcast on March 5th, SEGA revealed a number of new things coming down the content pipeline for March. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New Dragon Altar field for Amduscia
  • New Team Features:
  • Hot Springs Team Room Design
  • Team Room Jukebox
  • Photon Tree can be leveled up more
  • Weapon Camouflage Items - Exclusively (for now) from AC Scratch. 13 to be released at first. These will allow players to apply camos and accessories to their weapons, changing the look but not the stats (ie: apply a Guitar Case camo to an assault rifle).
  • New scratch and costumes (appear to be Japanese culture-themed costumes, as well as bath-towel costumes)
  • Story content previously released first on either PC or Vita will become available on all platforms.
  • New Emergency Quest featuring Chrome Dragon and its rare form.
  • In addition to some of the new details, SEGA tipped viewers off to a "secret" campaign which is currently running. To participate, just type ????? in chat before maintenance on March 13th. Participants will be rewarded with new voice tickets later in the month.

    A big thanks to Z-0 for posting the update details, as well as TehblackUchicha for posting about the new field! Be sure to hit the forums for more details and discussion relating to this news. A couple of great threads have been highlighted above for your convenience.

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