• PSO2 (JP) - March 13th Update - New Advance Quests & Pyroxene Shop Items

    Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) has received its latest content update, which brings new Advance Quests and Pyroxene Shop items, as well as some weapons and a new matter board campaign. Here's a breakdown:

    New Advance Quests (Requires Lvl 45+)

  • Frozen Tundra - ?????????
  • Mines - ???????????
  • Floating Continent - ???????????
  • New Weapons (only a portion are listed)

  • Dragon Slayer (Sword)
  • Gekitsunaata (Partizan)
  • Inferno Bazooka (Launcher)
  • Gadian'na (Talis)
  • New Pyroxene Shop Items

    Matter Board Campaign #2

  • Campaign Period: March 13th through April 3rd @ 11:00am JST
  • Requirements: Reach the 3rd, 5th, or 8th Matter Board
  • Reward (3rd board): (2) 50% EXP Booster
  • Reward (5th board): (1) EXCube
  • Reward (8th board): (1) EXCube, (5) Advance Capsule A
  • Reward Distribution: Late April

  • The technical details of this week's update are as follows:

  • Update Size (PC): 66MB
  • Update Size (Vita): 1.05GB
  • Launcher Version: 01.05.03
  • Game Version: 1.0301.5
  • First Time Download Size (PC): 7.1GB
  • This story will be updated as additional information is revealed and translated. For more details and discussion on all things relating to PSO2, be sure to head over to the PSO2 Message Boards!

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