• Weekly Forum Roundup: Arks Bingo, NPC Elections, Electifinis gun complaints

    In case you haven't been following this week, here are some of the current hot topics to check out:

    - ARKS "United Front Festival 2014" Triple Campaign
    Campaign Period is between Maintenance 15th January 2014 and Maintenance 12th February 2014 with rewards being sent out in March 2014. The three campaign are as follow:
    &nbsp - New Player Campaign: free present for new players
    &nbsp - AC Charge Campaign: rewards for charging 500AC & more
    &nbsp - Friend Campaign: rewards for players with more than 4 or 12 friends

    - Arks Bingo Web Panel Event 2014!
    This year, there are 20 panels to unlock. Currently, 14 panels have unlocked at 2.25 million points.

    - Favorite NPC Elections!
    Vote for your favorite NPC and we could get items based on the election winner(s).

    - Electifinis gun camo sound problem.
    Due to a lot of complaints from this weapon's sound, Sega and will adjust the gun's volume. For your curiosity, we have the gun's video - courtesy of member final_attack.

    Check back for new information as they are added. Thanks to Pyrii, Dnd, Maninbluejumpsuit, TaigaUC, and final_attack for the updates.

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    1. darkepyonuk's Avatar
      darkepyonuk -
      Im importing pso2 as im fed up with false hope from sega, anyway, ill be joining the ranks anytime between saturday and (wait for it) saturday... 15th march -.- anyway as a new player if i join will i get the freebies?
    1. Daichi's Avatar
      Daichi -
      I'll happily join you on there myself since i've only really gotten into it within the last few days! Make sure you join Ship 2 though
    1. knightova's Avatar
      knightova -
      Psu petition for new servers. Please help support this whether or not you want to play psu again. It wont hurt to sign
    1. stllchlln's Avatar
      stllchlln -
      honestly why the hell do we want to hear the new updates. go make a Japanese pso world site. fuck phantasy star and the devs behind it at this point. and if no one knows yet let me INFORM YOU that we will NOT be getting an EU/US release of Phantasy Star Online 2.

      I have confirmed this because I am confirming it will not be released no matter what you here.

      And NOBODY here needs to know what we cant get so stop with the updates. you are only creating false hope and depression to some people
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -

      ... let's hope it doesn't suck.
    1. Shadow_OoR's Avatar
      Shadow_OoR -
      There hasn't been a post in awhile from PSO World.
      Sega really hates us
      I sent two letters to them, one to Sega of America and one to Japan.
      America no response, Japan said "we can't help North Americans with this."
      Oh well...
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