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    Deltina_Wildfire writes, "Finally! MS and Sonic Team have released Challenge Modes 5 and 6, Battle Modes 4, 5 and 6, and the Lost Ice Spinner Quest to Phantasy Star Online X. This new content is now available for online play as of today!"

    Nice, finally some content for PSOX. Remember to check out our guides for Ice Spinner, Battle Modes 5 and 6, and Challenge Modes 5 and 6.

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    1. jello44's Avatar
      jello44 -
      wow... only took them like two months, for old quests....

      where is the new shit?
    1. Elmo's Avatar
      Elmo -
      OMG wow its been about time ehh?
    1. link3680's Avatar
      link3680 -
      Hehe, I'm on a Mac, so this thing doesn't do shyt to my system.
    1. AndyPandy's Avatar
      AndyPandy -
      lol, wrong thread dude.
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