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  1. Rant: hmm.. what should be done about this?..
  2. im done
  3. Another Armor PM Complaint...
  4. To the haters
  5. booted?!
  6. Just what I wanted, noone to read this rant...
  7. Higher Luck doesn't do Squat!!! And Yeah, I'm Tick'd
  8. OUCH! 5.5 from IGN PC...
  9. I wish they would Delay the Update on NOV 17th
  10. "Locked out", it's not just for content anymore!
  11. Do not read.
  12. I am not navi, no, really
  13. Nanocarbon Overpricing
  14. Everything in this game is not random..
  15. Who else is disappointed?
  16. If I hear one more whine about locked content....
  17. Spear-wielding beast hunters.
  18. why are forces expected to heal
  19. Why Does Everythign Always Somehow Get Worse?
  20. Lowering Prices
  21. Hunter and the pressure that's getting to me.
  22. Could this game be any cheaper?
  23. Rant: Can we stop with the PvP topics please!?
  24. I'm totally emo now...
  25. My thoughts on the newest beef in hip-hop
  26. Extra Mode
  27. Playing for the sake of playing, and why some people seem to
  28. To all you people selling marseline for 1000, 1500, 2000, 30
  29. Anyone Else Tired Of Regan Runs
  30. lol psu rant
  31. STOP complaining about GH 450 after the update
  32. Bye bye.
  33. For every cheater...
  34. when you use the n-word in public...call rev. jackson
  35. ATTN: PC/PS2 shopkeepers.
  36. Muffin's generic hacking rant (venting)
  37. Kafka needs to vent. (not an angry rant)
  38. if you don't like people grabbing items, DON'T SET IT TO GIV
  39. REALLY annoying.
  40. Don't confuse these biters with me...
  41. What to do if you're frustrated with PSU/Sega
  43. No respect
  44. unbelievable
  45. Simple Equation
  46. fuck you.
  47. I think I might have a problem with forgiving people.
  48. so no update?
  49. An observation of the PS/PSO/PSU community...
  50. How long do you plan on playing PSU for?
  51. The "I can't synth my way out of a paper bag" thread
  52. Are we NA players being impatient?
  53. Why Does Life Suck So Hard Sometimes?! (related i promise) R
  54. Dear Sega. Fortetecher is a HORRID localization.
  55. Troll in the guild! What to do?
  56. Jury duty...
  57. Happy Holidays. A bit early.
  58. Best De Ragan Ever! -.-U
  59. Is it still Phantasy Star?
  60. ARGH!!! *Kicks PM* - Synthesis gone wrong...
  61. im an idiot? Dumb with projects? idk whatto call it
  62. Team Behavior
  63. Rant: Irritating things our friends do.
  64. Does this make me a bad person?
  65. http://www.phantasystaruniverse.com/support_contact.php
  66. SuperNatural Show
  67. noes! t3h evilness!
  68. They Don't Teach You
  69. Youre NOT original. naming .....
  70. rude gamers
  71. Give Finder SUCKS
  72. PSU: My Two Week's Notice
  73. forces
  74. ROTFL I'm screwed when I get old.
  76. time for me to admit defeat *sigh*
  77. PSU: :( darn...
  78. The hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  79. Liars
  80. Thanks sega. 450 is useless.
  81. Does it just... depress you?
  82. AHHHHH!!!!
  83. "are you a force" No not that 'don't heal' horse
  84. Fuck this bullshit ass game
  85. C Rank on B ranked missions?!
  86. I'm the unluckiest man alive.
  87. Great Moments in Jackassery
  88. rant: failed all 3 8* rod crafts
  89. Well I officially hate synthesis in this game.
  90. Tournament: Overcharging for NPC-sold goods
  91. PSO was better
  92. This one little thing angers me a little
  93. I want to disable inspection.
  94. Luck!
  95. Rant: The lowdown on Loot Distribution.
  96. Friends who are a little obsessed
  97. Common sense (A Wii related rant)
  98. why keep playing
  99. WTF
  100. PJ Rambles On and On
  101. ;_;
  102. omg please stop overpricing vestaline by 3k+
  103. Ok this is making no sense.
  104. I HATE BEES!!
  105. Rare weapons are never going to drop.
  106. If I were a chick, I'd be PMSing right now
  107. Thats it for the patch last night?
  108. My Thread Got Moved and I'm Grumpy
  109. Neta Note Sellers
  110. Distraction DEFENDER
  111. any one else losing friends b/c of s-rank??
  112. A request for more respect for your resident hybrid class.
  114. Computers and the People They Hate
  115. Touchy Topic for Sega?
  116. So, I get up this morning...
  117. None Talking Party Members
  118. I've never dealt with such a shoddy.. (Sega rant)
  119. Don't you just HATE IT when they get your order wrong?
  120. PSU's lack of the 'It' factor
  121. F'ed in the A-Class weapons
  122. Mr. Obvious
  123. AGH! Be responsible! Check NPC prices before selling items
  125. Ugh, damn leader.
  126. eh well lock, move, or flame who cares
  127. Do not let the progression of others dictate/slow down your
  128. @ NPC kerseline 4k/vestaline 6k sort ur prices
  129. Down PSU
  130. I'm out.
  131. I Hate This Board
  132. Freaking wrong.
  133. Giant's GIANT Doors...
  134. 4chan memes...
  135. Player shops to the rescue.
  137. I thought I seen it all.
  138. I don't know what to do anymore.
  139. My Sad XBox Tale
  140. Brief rule of thumb about preparing aircraft luggage:
  141. The most annoying thing about YouTube...
  142. Attn: Shop Owners
  143. Yet another PSU rant, and a query too.
  144. why does sega make us wait more than japanese for our update
  145. PSU-Item: The Economy - Synthing, Synth Mats and Sales (Ran
  146. 64-bit: separating men from retards since 2003
  147. wtfux stupid PSU
  148. i dont agree with the Universe.com Mods for some reason or a
  149. How long do you think PSOW will last?
  150. How long do you think these types of threads will last?
  151. What makes you most angry is when...
  152. Speed It Up "Emergency"
  153. PSU-XBox 360: I love Japanese players
  154. 15 Million for Del Jagnus? WTF
  155. Lost an S-Rank to (insert enemy/problem here)? Vent here.
  156. Breaking the laws (of physics)
  157. (rant) I just synthed a 50% Ice Double Saber
  158. stupid gamepad *sniff*
  159. Ugh. The Tengohg Bow pisses me off.
  160. Equal treatment to PS2 users
  161. Goshins and Ollakas.
  162. Annother Store Prices Topic
  163. PSU-XBox 360: Back to being poor
  164. How much are you selling yourself to meseta dupers?
  165. My one complaint about PSU.
  166. WAAAH (sniffle) WHY?
  167. Why does society encourage people to have so many children?
  168. Who HATES school/college?!
  169. You suck Itunes!!!!!!!!
  170. there will never be another PSO
  171. I think they should drop the kicking feature...
  172. Avoid buying Ray-Photons
  173. So, why do random parties kick for picking up items?
  174. PSU-XBox 360: "The sever has issued an interrupt request…"
  175. OMG fortetechers SUCK!!!
  176. What is "Too hard for hardware" ?
  177. To Birchum PC/PS2
  178. Duped meseta now getting out of hand on the markets?
  179. PSU-XBox 360: Why oh why??!!??
  180. lol
  181. my glasses broke.
  182. NPCs need a brain. >_
  183. PSU-Item: vanishing items
  184. What. The. Hell. (Kubara weapons are 500k now?)
  185. Prohibition in 2007....
  186. ARGH. Shop rant; Not what you think.
  187. Don't you hate it when ...
  188. PC/PS2 Inflation woes...
  189. I just got a call at work ...
  190. Learn to make a shop!
  191. MEDIATOR-su
  192. Sleep
  193. You should not drive
  194. Slickk wants to kick my arse, because of comment I made.
  195. PSU lives on updates
  196. Irrelevant
  197. Bruce's Dungeon WTF?!?!
  198. Yuki Ranting.
  199. PSU sucks
  200. Is it normal and expected to be constantly interrupted mid-s
  201. Bruce's lamegon, by powergamers for powergamers
  202. Worst PSU day so far!
  203. attention PS2 users about Bruce's Dungeon
  204. Photons...
  205. I hate Bruce's Dungeon
  206. Ignorant forum noobs
  207. player shop prices....
  208. This is very, very, very sad.... a reflection on PSU
  209. As cute as
  210. Apperantly I'm a dick for not being a noob.
  211. Don't Little Kids Seem to be Able to get Away with ANYTHING?
  212. Meseta Crusades.
  213. Close Shop
  214. I lost my saved data in Twilight Princess.
  215. Cant seem to play....
  216. Wartechers......
  217. What. Is. Wrong with people.
  218. Lol Seggga, fix the real problem!
  219. Tonight is my last night..
  220. WHY OH WHY?!
  221. Bruce S, R.I.P. Tomoirod,and carazy lag adventures!
  222. Picking up a group is starting to feel like WoW
  223. PSU, Good vrs Bad
  224. I have a feeling I'm gonna get Screwed....by SEGA....Once Ag
  225. For Male CAST users mostly......
  226. Can you level 60s+ stop dying in Bruce B???
  227. Damn you Banking Industry!
  228. WHERES MY ARMOR!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  229. HACKERS OH NOEZ -_-
  230. Rant: Sooo ummm you want 5k every time huh?
  231. what is the deal with all the hate?
  232. weapon boards pissing me off
  233. The truth. How bad is it?
  234. Remember dialup Users!
  235. Anubis_ Cries Like a B!#ch LIVE!!!
  236. Shadow Conspiracy, Act 2
  237. OK, WTF PEOPLE?!
  238. Absolutley perfect! (RANT TOPIC)
  239. Does anyone else dislike the fact that the story missions do
  240. This game has endowed me with an enduring hatred of my fello
  241. Moved.
  242. I'm really disliking the fact that ray photons are so expens
  243. If I met you...
  244. The most uptight forum in the world
  245. Dear twatwaffle store owners
  246. Bunus Spatula
  247. This is a "Beat myself up" thread. Or Force is hard II.
  248. Just found out how spoiled I really am...
  249. Hive story Mission(the 2nd part): Impossible?
  250. Why can't we have kotolva milk with that shake?