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  1. The "What Burns Me" Booth
  2. Photons? Nah, synth mats!
  3. PSU-PC: Oldschool PSO player not digging PSU much...
  4. Master Shake is a terrorist... what what?
  5. List of things that you hate when they do it
  6. Look, if you don't want me talking to you just say so
  7. It's been fun
  8. Embrace broadband gaming Nintendo!
  9. Don't get it...
  10. PSU is a time sink... Gonna make me fail Bio
  11. Has anyone realized just how much Money Sega is taking from
  12. Crashing on 3-X....
  13. I hate being lonely.
  14. Frickin' clutter! DX
  15. Passive Agressive
  16. Servers are back up
  17. Ultimate PAs are still unavailable, apparently...
  18. Ah, this was there solution for the server dropping...
  19. Tired of the smae crap treatment frome Sega?
  20. Whilst canceling my License with 360 billing
  21. Anyone Remember PSO's Shitty Updates?
  22. What lobby you think we'll get stuck in (PS2 version)
  23. So, Sega didn't fix it after all. Uni15 died once again.
  24. Update March 2. For Sega to Be Fair to us paying Consumers
  25. Shut up. All of you.
  26. Well, I'm out.
  27. Things I don't like about PSU..
  28. I'm so sick of this HAX issue!!
  29. Rant: I gotta say, they coulda done better...
  30. Well, this is rather interesting
  31. Name things you Hate Most
  32. Art sucks.
  33. PSU-XBox 360: Lame ass scammers
  34. Some people are genuinely stupid (Also, a comment on populat
  35. PSU-PC: 2/14/07 Protest Rally for those who care.
  36. Player Vs Player Haters
  37. Anyone else think that people are leaving PSU?
  38. Some unknown force does not wont me to be Ff10..
  39. OK, this is REALLY starting to fucking piss me off. (Player
  40. "Good is Crap," is NOT Thought
  41. PSU 360 : Hateful uncalled for messages
  42. In reguards to the bullying 'picking on' PC/PS2 recieves. .
  43. Thanks Europea, there goes an hour and fifteen.
  44. The Perfect PSO
  45. A Question, really, not a Rant... But for serious thinking..
  46. Some BS. GM's are retarded.
  47. Hard water? Try Parisian water.
  48. New Issue Whine about "Sega is so schemeing"
  49. Haxetta = A Rant
  50. Lack of Talent
  51. School
  52. Is boredom inspiring your days?....
  53. ...I hate people...
  54. Sandpaper
  55. GameGuard.
  56. It's over.
  57. I'm out.
  58. You're not /b/
  59. I'm sick of hussies
  60. Man, Idiots of PSU
  61. Rant: How often do you DC
  62. Shuri's Classic Bestsellers: Dell Tech Support
  63. Boo =[
  64. Texting
  65. I swear, the universe does NOT want me to have PSO
  66. My computer died X(
  67. Chousei-sou
  68. I've Decided that I Hate *Japan
  69. will the expansion be like the current scheme of content upd
  70. 360 rep
  71. No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded?
  72. Meh, didn't get any sleep again..
  73. Architects!
  74. ouch, my legs
  75. /rant First really immature group yet.
  76. Cell Phones
  77. Male Casts Luck SUCKS!!!
  78. How you guys felt about PSU in comparison to PSO
  79. Maturity of some really shines...
  80. Retainers
  81. "School" Part 2
  82. PSU: ST failes to do what it said it would (AGAIN!)
  83. PSU, I play even though I've been repeatedly disapointed.
  84. Stupidly fun music. And Tests. Shit.
  85. Don't seek stupidity. It'll be stupid enough to come to you
  86. I think PSU would be better if...
  87. sega sucking?
  88. Have I adequately answered all your questions?
  89. Should I Really?
  90. Hm, formula for failure?
  91. "Let's make a GC-like controller that isn't compatible with
  92. This is PJ Rambling
  93. This Is The Don Rambling
  94. I'm really sorry to these people:
  95. GG, GG
  96. New Simpsons mediocre at best?
  97. The Ups and DOWNs of the PSU forums
  98. "The Gold Kit" Commercial
  99. !~iaS iaT iaB iaB
  100. Any Gunners here that hate Dambarta Lv21+ Spammers?
  101. Elitism at its best >.>
  102. sorry but i need to vent
  103. Foreigners and Language
  104. What the DOOKIE! is up with Rod/Wand Prices in Player Shops
  105. Gay Gay Gay
  106. Our Communit(ies) Fail
  107. OMG, so not "this class sucks because of a laughably curable
  108. Wah wah wah my sister/brother did blah blah blah
  109. Am I the only one?
  110. Don't argue, just need a place to vent.
  111. DAMN selling things to the NPCs!
  112. when i find rappies im gonna rapee them! >:{
  113. Peoples
  114. I hate third parties.
  115. Why do people have to be douchebags???
  116. For the first time since I started playing in September, I H
  117. MY ICE CREAM.
  118. What happened to that "I couldnt synth my way our of a paper
  119. Change is Inevitable
  120. It's just a stupid game! -rant-
  121. astronomy
  122. PSU-XBox 360: Out of commission for a while...
  123. Dont you just HATE partying with boring people?
  124. Irony!, or "Holy God, I can't believe they're sold out of th
  125. Why should we question people(sometimes)
  126. Pics or it didnt happen forum
  127. So you don't like non-support forces, but are you doing YOUR
  128. Emo Teen Angst (aka This is a PJ Rambling 2)
  129. Leeching...
  130. What PSU is missing
  131. Homosexuals, Sissies, Newbies & Rear-Ends.
  132. Experiences with immature people?
  133. this game is officially dead now
  134. Well, I'm boned now.
  135. seriously...wtf is up wit synth %s?!
  136. I Dont Get This At All but Its REALLY Pissing Me Off
  137. lol, but I'm supposed to be white! This shouldn't be happeni
  138. PSU's Economy is making me sick
  139. Shops - Time to state the obvious as always.
  140. I No Talk Good
  141. Xbox 360 rant. A long one.
  142. Gamecubes broad band adpter/was wasted!!!
  143. I didn't write off my soul to your forum
  144. Who here is Sick of SEGA making us play the Demo just to get
  145. The Quitter
  146. One of those days.
  147. I frown at today's youth's cartoons
  148. They want me to go nuts... SEGA U'VE FAILED!!!
  149. ? luck topic ?
  150. PSU-XBox 360: luck rant
  151. Funny stuff.
  152. PSU-Xbox 360: Why are people so ready to rip you off?
  153. clothes these days!
  154. Internet n00bs.
  155. I think I know why this game leaves me unsatisfied.
  156. My family has gone crazy :D
  157. No A grinders...
  158. PSU: Don't call that a reskin please
  159. Cant do it anymore
  160. Music as a determiner
  161. Sign here if you're getting tired of the youtubes.
  162. My Rant
  163. I don't know what to call this rant
  164. Ah why did that had to happen!"!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. I am so fucking pissed
  166. This is seriously starting to tick me off...
  167. Consider This
  168. What's this? I have yet another problem?!
  169. why the F^&K would they make 4 slot FiGunner only armor
  170. I hate this f*ckin game
  171. I think I screwed someone over.
  172. PSU-Item: Will ppl please stop selling El-Photons for 1k?!?
  173. Stop arguing about stupid crap!
  174. Does the drop rate justified you??
  175. lol I have bad luck with subway trains.
  176. So... How Did Life Get So Fucked Up For Me? O_o
  177. Halo fans are ruining the PSU experience.
  178. List of problems I have with PSU. (Online Mode)
  179. so, these shitty crea weapons...
  180. You guys need to shut the fuck up about WoW already...
  181. Rant about RJBeAsTs
  182. Well shit.
  183. MY BREAD.
  184. Anyone annoyed with the bad translation?
  185. Don't tell me what I said.
  186. AAAHHH!!! I just got a speeding ticket! x_x
  187. Honest critique
  188. another lame update scheduled.what will you do?
  189. Perverts making excuses
  190. On the topic that is me...
  191. Idiots....
  192. Shuri & WC: Bowling Shit
  193. God help us.
  194. Wow, I didn't know so many people was down on this game...
  195. To hell with armor PMS %s, and, no sillica converters
  196. Rant: This is so retarded... your worst synth failures
  197. So Eastern Peril SS.... is frusturating.....
  198. what happened to music
  199. Hi-looo Nice to hear from you~~ o/`
  200. We Are All One Big Cliche
  201. Here is why Forces don't like buffing.
  202. An Odd Trend
  203. They put my dog to sleep because he was suffering from old a
  204. Things we wish we could say to Mr. Sega himself. Let it out
  205. A big... (warning: frequent strong language)
  206. Man, trouble with Bleach ep 124
  207. What the Hell?!
  208. Is my school dumb?
  209. $%#& internet connection!
  210. i HATE earphones :/
  211. creepy ....
  212. Rant: the 'Good God Tra is an a-hole' thread
  213. A moment to rest and watch
  214. wow no wonder eveyrone locks their party
  215. Man...
  216. Grrr!
  217. Classes, Characters, Races - I am at a loss.
  218. Ok, what the hell Microsoft Word
  219. Spring
  220. Fan-****ing-tastic.
  221. Freaking switch AGAIN
  222. Ugh! I should have just Given you People the Meseta instead
  223. LOGO (Warning: Cursing, Comic Mischief)
  224. Rant: Venting (Possible language)
  225. Give Finder. (Or, the Rangers kryptonite)
  226. Attention: Lobby humpers
  227. My Chao...
  228. Cheap enemy moves
  229. GTFO FARMER!!!
  230. Inexcusable noobishness( apology )
  231. boring.......
  232. ASVAB Test = lulz
  233. closed
  234. forces make me sick
  235. Arr! (Language Exceedence)
  236. Parking Tickets
  237. 2 much high lv stuff
  238. Becoming alienated because I cannot tell the truth
  239. how can you make millions in PSU?
  240. I miss my doggy.
  241. black heart?
  242. Should I be taking this seriously?
  243. Almost got scammed
  244. For the love of God, WHY?!?
  245. don't you hate when...
  246. PSU-PC/PS2: Outrageous player shop prices
  247. Why The FUCK! Would You Do This To A Dog?
  248. Sometimes I wish I had no emotions
  249. just failed an entire shigga bines board
  250. i hate blacklist so much!!!