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  1. 360: shady people who go around selling pr0n etc.
  2. BS
  3. PSU: Some dislikes about PSU
  4. PSU-XBox 360: Poll: Why are so many people leaving this game
  5. I would Like to Share this informantion
  6. PSU: Swords
  7. So my purchase determines our friendship...
  8. Battle: Fortegunners, how do you kill Polvaras?
  9. Damn Paperclip
  10. Ok is this freaking racism or stupidity?
  11. Okay, what the hell, umbrella?
  12. Well, now...
  13. PSU: Red boxes with a circle on top.
  14. Computer Savvy
  15. Yelling, Swearing, psychotic squealing, ear smoke, head expl
  16. PSU-PC/PS2: F'in backstabbers
  17. I HOPE it's not just me but...don't you hate it when...
  18. What the fuck?
  19. OMG, 360 Rant.
  20. Online: Will clans work together?
  21. Buffs less than 21? boot :(
  22. Online: Joa Booters
  23. Dear Subaru;
  24. PSU-XBox 360: People that post on the official forums are m
  25. Everytime I wanna renew my PSU account, I have problems.
  26. Fuck you, PSU.
  27. Davot and I are unlucky
  28. Just pak, damn you!
  29. The internet is somehow a bad-good(good-bad)influence
  30. Agh people....they cant use computers if thier lives depende
  31. HSM
  33. Hell Hath Reigned Upon Me...
  34. With regard to the upcoming Beast Bonfire
  35. Social Darwinism
  36. O.J. Simpson
  37. just plain "mean"
  38. I hate my brother. I really do.
  39. PSU-XBox 360: Ok... this has to be a world record...
  40. JP player quitting over beast bonfire? XD
  41. PSOBB: America, America.
  42. So I was gonna' reformt my hard drive...
  43. School staff
  44. Hrmm...that's evil.
  45. who gets the rares?
  46. Sega fails again for not keeping up with the servers.
  47. I'm beginning to hate Pokecharms.com...
  48. DAMNIT
  49. Damn video card
  50. AlTeRnAtInG cApS....
  51. It's too late for the 1up Cup to mean anything to me.
  52. Dear tailgaters:
  53. PSU-PC/PS2: G ! I\ [email protected]
  54. "Guaranteed" eh ?
  55. PSU-XBox 360: So Tired Of This
  56. Petro Canada is stupid; customers are stupid.
  57. My roomie found two kittens left by a dumpster in a box...
  58. Proof that spam filters have no idea of what the hell they'r
  59. I dunno, but it just seems wrong
  60. dear people who flame forces with....
  61. PSU-XBox 360: My first rant: Teams.
  62. Damn you Linksys!
  63. High level does not mean you have authority.
  64. In-coherent babbling.
  65. Fortegunners at Seabed: Reducing run times
  66. Life without PSU
  67. Golly.
  68. grinding gripe
  69. Learn how to freakin drive!
  70. Fuck you Rogers.
  71. Am I Insensitive?
  72. It's a freaking disease. Get over it.
  73. Which is more responsible
  74. .....
  75. My "Fuck you (insert entity)" topic.
  76. A Complete Week Wrecker
  77. Unemployed
  78. More Rules of Bowling (With a bonus mini-rant!)
  79. I saw the Rappies, then BOOM! Booted.
  80. Dark Satelite sucks
  81. Grandfather
  82. Why on earth...
  83. News: I'm really tired of this.
  84. Oh, this is why I'm a jerk.
  85. I may very well be screwed.
  86. Fun stuff
  87. Originality Vs. Individuality + Noobs Vs. Newbs
  88. Red ring of death = no 1up cup =[
  89. Having too many friends a bad thing?
  90. This is made of epic fail.
  91. How do people do it?
  92. Too good to be true?/psu rant
  93. OMG I unloaded a clip into that guy!
  94. Those who wish you well are more dangerous to you, than thos
  95. Annoyed with PSU players...
  96. Make sure you're prepared for 1up....
  97. Anti-Naruto Thread.. If you like naruto, you might not like
  98. Quick Rant: Sniper is not a verb!
  99. I just failed a Midterm.
  100. Illiterate people shouldnt lead groups... (Warning:Long ramb
  101. A small rant. Have you ever read an article that you conside
  102. 7* "rares" aka screw you Kerseline and your other 7* friends
  103. PSU: this is firebreak all over again
  104. Random Parties
  105. My desk.
  106. Catilium.
  107. An overview of the Deaf-Mute Syndrome
  108. Master classes, oh god
  109. PSU-XBox 360: So.....i just got booted
  110. you're kidding me...deva...
  111. I've just been called ahueikANE.
  112. Needs more worms in Neudaiz
  113. overprice?
  114. My friend was blacklisted because he was a fighgunner.
  115. PA Limit!!!
  116. A simple rant.
  117. PSU-PC/PS2: Tell me something please...
  118. Luck is stupid
  119. I just need to rant...
  120. Saber Ver 2.0 has a bad reputation?
  121. n00b Encyclopedia: The Subspecies
  122. PSU-XBox 360: A little rant about fighting the rainbow beast
  123. Trading, greed and just bad luck
  124. My 2nd official "Fuck you ST" rant
  125. I think I'm about to be superpissed.
  126. So... Sony should go to hell.
  127. PS2 - Saved Game Files Fine, Card Corrupted
  128. Using capped PA's.
  129. PSU-XBox 360: PSU Economy Speculation - In Danger
  131. blasphemy!
  132. goddamn colony 1up mission
  133. PSU: Mechgun Glitch: Bye Bye, PSU
  134. You know
  135. The only reason I don't like 1UP cup.
  136. 3/4 on making S ranks
  137. PSU: dumb people lawl
  138. Glitches going to be fixed?
  140. recent problems
  141. I love a girl, but shes 'already' with someone!
  142. Wow just wow. Shops woes suck
  143. PSU Tonight - A Tragedy
  144. PSU: I'm terribly sorry, I need to rant.
  145. Item distribution towards newly joined Party Members
  146. Now it's just starting to hurt
  147. Is their a glitch i n the partner machine?
  148. This is a rants forum, right?
  149. An Elitist Am I
  150. To anyone who knows me......
  151. Former Tae Kwon Do instructor died
  152. PSU-XBox 360: Oh, so it turns out that as a Fortegunner, I'm
  153. Regarding party invites(Short rant)
  154. Electronic Irony.
  155. PSU-XBox 360: Disapointed
  156. *casts S/D/Z/R* "ty"
  157. PSU-XBox 360: Anyone else getting cheated out of S rank boar
  158. Seriously People I gota ask Something...
  159. Why don't people want you doing high damage with Slicers?
  160. So Rangers are now officially support.
  162. Gunners Beware! PP Regen is slower!!
  163. PSU: Is there still a challenge?
  164. You know what would've been BETTER than Just Attack?
  166. PSU-XBox 360: Ever wonder how people in US parties even make
  167. What jerks (i shall not curse in this topic)
  168. Asked sega some stuff.
  169. PSU: Have you ever...
  170. anyone hate those ads that lag and cause the pages to load l
  171. just what we need a new glitch (lag 360)
  172. My brother is a fricking idiot
  173. oh dear - psu rant
  174. 360 and AotI...No Sale. (Probably.)
  175. Dope dealers and teachers...*sigh*
  176. Peace PSOW
  177. I swear, it's always some damn thing.
  178. Slicer is nerfed
  179. AotI-XBox 360: Too Easy?
  180. AotI-XBox 360: school/work/
  181. AoI isn't being sold in my town yet.
  182. PSU-XBox 360: What about us Sega!?
  184. Why GameStop? WHY!?!?!
  185. Seriously...
  186. Waste of Moneys
  187. Diads.
  188. Anybody dissapointed with the game?
  189. The responders have the right to know first.
  190. What the hell....
  191. Useless SEGA Europe (Beware, language.)
  192. So, all of us who don't have AoI yet...
  193. Happy Thanksgiving
  194. Removing party members
  195. Holy crap, some people don't need to be a support class.
  196. PSUniverse...
  197. Rucar... Now I'm Mad
  198. AotI: you thought it was over...
  199. AOTI EP3 Ending Movie (Spoiler)...RUBBISH!
  200. I get so damn tired..........(dance music/hip hop)
  201. AotI-PC/PS2: Curse you, BSOD!
  202. holy fuck
  203. holy fuck
  204. holy fuck
  205. Please tell me they aren't ACTUALLY this stupid
  206. Meseta splitting is based on the setting of Normal items, ye
  207. AotI: A Warning to All: Photon Gotcha
  208. widespread glitch or isolated case?
  209. Permanent
  210. Player Shops
  211. My Little Ranty!
  212. forums
  213. Casterline and castestline : /
  214. Use of the Server Labels
  215. PSU warning topic
  216. Teamwork
  217. Since PSU: AOI updates
  218. Plot inconsistancies
  219. What's this? No Casino rant threads?
  220. My 3rd official "Fuck you ST" rant
  221. What the hell is the point.
  222. I'd like to be able to play again soon, please.
  223. Why'd you do THAT for?!
  224. Ugh.
  225. I DEMAND A ROLLBACK!!!!!!
  226. New Clothes?
  227. When partying up, how about acting like a party?
  228. bye blackbull :'(
  229. prices
  230. OMG I hate Grinding!!
  231. So my PM's name went from "failed a 90% synth" to "failed a
  232. AotI-PC/PS2: Honestly, is visiting a player shop that offens
  233. I'm tired of saying goodbye
  234. Ugh, I cannot STAND how people still discriminate against ga
  235. Sranks...REAL...or fake?
  236. I guess Sega doesn't want our money anymore.
  237. curious...
  238. grinding is cow-doodoo. *rant*
  239. Hey, I heard there's this spell called Reverser.
  240. Christmas Seems to be a Wonderland! :D
  241. What PSU Lacks...
  242. AotI-XBox 360: WOWzers
  243. I hate my mother more than I hate you :D
  244. Dear iTunes
  245. Are you an AT using a whip? I probably want to punch you in
  246. What kind of bonus is this
  247. This one takes the cake.
  248. Sega and PSU really piss me off.
  249. Why does PSU hate guntechers?
  250. My dog died