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  2. boy oh boy...
  3. PSU-XBox 360: So this is the thanks I get for carrying you r
  4. AotI-XBox 360: my re-encounter with the community.
  5. A society that breaks you down and work on the principle tha
  6. Inconsistancy with the changes in PSU.
  7. So PSU is easymode nao, eh?
  8. NaCl
  9. Automatic party boots
  10. What a heartbreaker!
  11. Pissed off at SEGA fans
  12. Anyone feel like gunners are getting screwed?
  13. Dear SEED Guardian Sh..
  14. FF rares that have alluded me.
  15. Is my logic skewered or something?
  16. I'm beginning to see why nobody likes Acrotechers.
  17. Why techers are the worst classes
  18. Player Complaint
  19. Will Sega ever add an option to delete partner cards
  20. Dammit Sega! Drop catilium in some missions I want to do!
  21. Player Shops are as good as worthless now.
  22. PSU gives birth to poor people.
  23. (Import Gaming) Just my luck...
  24. Female Gamers
  25. This game is so fking random.
  26. AotI: SEGA has forgoten about us Techers
  27. Reason why I don't like action games..
  28. AotI-PC/PS2: Receiving random emails from old noobs (ppl tha
  29. If your bad driving makes someone else crash...
  30. AotI-XBox 360: 2 for 1: shop prices and trading
  32. Dear Sega...
  33. Dear Sega...
  34. I HATE YOU SEGA!!!!!!
  35. Cry babies....
  36. I love the whining.
  37. PSU-XBox 360: About Sega taking the stuff back!!!!!
  38. Sonic Team needs to get their act together.
  39. AotI-PC/PS2: What? Rollback?!
  40. Yay, a rollback will get rid of that stupid Gothic Pink room
  41. acrotecher issues
  42. major annoyance
  43. what I hate about this game...
  44. AotI-XBox 360: Wtf. sega.. NOooo!!
  45. LOL. PSU should have been JP only.
  46. LOL. PSU should have been JP only.
  47. Pirates of the burning sea ads must perish!!!!!!!!!!
  48. The 2007 W0LB0T`s bad gaming awards
  49. Guitar Hero III: Raining Blood by Slayer
  50. PSOU AotI it Ģ 7.99 uk pounds A month bit of a rip off
  51. my problem with heights
  52. What's your response to, "your race is weak" ?
  53. Auto run rant
  54. Rare monsters suck!
  55. Grinding Nightmare :(
  56. S-Rank Availability Hatred
  57. cars and diamonds
  58. AotI-PC/PS2: PSUclaus
  59. PSU-XBox 360: Wow I got called a scamer
  60. AotI: Why do Debuffs Suck now?
  61. Put a spoiler tag on spoilers!
  64. Play Team Fortress 2?
  65. WideSpread Profanity.
  66. So did we ever get any reimbursement for that rollback last
  67. Parents. Issues. Blah.
  68. It Wouldn't Kill You To Close The Drawer.
  69. So I am getting bored here
  70. Anyones else dislike the yellow text?
  71. I WANT TO KILL THE CASINO BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  72. Mrah. Rambling.
  73. damn rappy's
  74. Screw This
  75. PSU: Maybe it's time to move on..
  76. When Emotions bypass logic
  77. damn ***holes
  78. Thinking of quitting...again D:
  79. booting revenge
  80. Why are high lvlers so 2-dimensional?
  81. Hey Guys, Today We Discuss:
  82. Dear Pedro Almodovar;
  83. Children and mics. AGAIN.
  84. So i cussed out the Writers Guild of America today.
  85. Sony, you bastards!
  86. Because I freaking want to, that's why.
  87. Roulette wheel odds?
  88. crap.
  89. Rock Band on PS2
  90. Gosh Dangit!!!
  91. PSU-XBox 360: PSU will NOT be free!
  92. stop bitching and bashing
  93. Sometimes i donīt know if itīs worth paying to play
  95. What's with the Master class debates?
  96. Moderator announcement??
  97. I swear I have the best luck in the world.
  98. Current hotspot...
  99. AotI-XBox 360: I know everything about PSO.
  100. happy birthday to me
  101. PSU-PC/PS2: It's dead, Jim.
  102. Ok, whats the deal with drop rates?
  103. AotI: psu trashed the economy
  104. Sega Needs to Just.....
  105. You know a jerk when...
  106. Anyone else have sigs turned off on this site?
  107. Myabe I'm mean but the pharse "well spoken" ires me.
  108. adahna degahna has good drop rates!
  109. Every rare enemy SUCKS.
  110. Stop saying slicers are broken...
  111. Barack Obama
  112. why do most acrotechers....
  113. Sonic Team must be sacrifcied before they lead others to rui
  114. lol i have the worst luck ever >.
  115. 360 players gettin' effed in the A.
  116. so i guess i'm just sad about the winter update
  117. The Offical Boards
  118. Winter event missions a bit boring?
  119. AotI-XBox 360: Rumors, rumors, rumors....
  120. My weapons are becoming commoner goods
  121. My Older Brother Is A Hypocrit.
  122. Event Mission Annoyances
  123. What The..? WHERES MY LUCK?!
  124. Situational awareness: pay some fucking attention.
  125. Death thread v2.4325346b22
  126. Tunnel vision
  127. PSU: last intelligent being alive?
  128. PSU-Mission: Rare map needs to be rare
  129. FAILURE
  130. closed
  131. My friend got is getting reported by a crowd for "scamming"
  132. Super Smash Brothers Brawl Delayed agian
  133. Till it happens in your neiborhood..
  134. Large enemy BS
  135. College
  136. urgh
  137. PSU-XBox 360: this sucks. . .
  138. Photoshop made me do it.
  139. 4 rare maps 8 goldanias -____-
  140. I'm starting to hate my brother
  141. Tell me if this if fair or not?
  142. Winter Events
  143. Mumblers.
  144. This has got to be the worst PSU experience I've ever had.
  145. Elitism at it's finest, with a shred of assuming.
  146. does your car turn you on?
  147. So I finally tried it...Final Fantasy XI
  148. Securing Our Borders: I don't give half a [email protected]#
  149. My worst day of sything so far!!
  150. why would you boot a player?
  151. PSU: the catostrophic effect of this event
  152. AotI-XBox 360: Darn Scammers
  153. life as a fortegunner gettin worst?????
  154. My closet just pissed me off !!!!
  155. Young Men are Evil
  156. Funny thing happened tonight.
  157. Disturbing trend of PSU
  158. One of my fears: PSU the new Runescape
  159. AotI-PC/PS2: My only two complaints in PSU AOTI are:
  160. Drops hate me.
  162. Kan-yu and its so un-guy only look
  163. JP servers GET ALL the good stuff
  164. First Failed S rank + Red Ring of Death :-(
  165. WTF?!?!? Server Maintenance?
  166. PSU: is it just me? (psu vets)
  167. English Grammar
  168. Help me Before my House Becomes a Dump!
  169. [email protected]!#ards Friends Treachery
  170. Close the damn borders already
  171. =/
  172. Hurr Hurr Im a dumbass
  173. FTs: the Biggest Bunch of Babies (BBB)?
  174. What a waste of 50 minutes!
  175. AotI: A little "rant" About "Elitism"
  176. So what do you do?
  177. sega has the worse billing site... ever
  178. i find this quite annoying
  179. Online: error 192s and cybersource
  180. AotI-XBox 360: Title Update Delayed
  181. My 4th official "Fuck you ST" rant
  182. That damn heroes ad
  183. This update...
  184. So, is it just me
  185. PSU-XBox 360: Another reason why sega sucks
  186. >_> my mom has no faith in my skill at all.
  187. PSOW : Love / Hate Relationship
  188. English Grammar II: Forums
  189. 360 arcade demos
  190. Rich Noobs
  191. My gawd if she keeps this up im screwed...
  192. My account is inactive..? wha-?
  193. red ring on me 360
  194. Can some of the women here explain this to me?
  195. My memory card got currupted.
  196. It's the 4th week of winter event and...
  197. More info why my Xbox live
  198. help! my friends might do something illegal! dangerous! ri
  199. I got disconnected by an ogre
  200. Well I'm back to hating noobs with every fiber of my being.
  201. Tylor...
  202. Adahna hates me. So much.
  203. Kicked from a party because I had nothing to talk about.
  204. AotI-XBox 360: No luck... ~Bored~
  205. PSU-XBox 360: I'll choose my own damn prices.
  206. AotI-XBox 360: Our Forrest dilema
  207. Make up your mind!
  208. tl:dr
  209. Incoherent Babble (Dribble Drabble)
  210. I just did the dumbest thing...
  211. Works with Windows Vista
  212. is anyone tired of the reapeated questions about FoI
  213. Forest of get kicked
  214. Geting Kicking By People at Forest of Illusion Boss Boxs Lov
  215. I'm starting to hate Moatoob.
  216. New keyboards annoy me.
  217. No, I don't like your music, thanks.
  218. kids online
  219. Bad Luck
  220. I was a force before it was cool!!!
  221. Rares, events, and value
  222. Worry all you want; I'm still going there...
  223. Valentine event about over....however
  224. I got kicked out today
  225. OK, I think we had it!
  226. ack - I think I made a mistake
  227. Why does everyone take this game so seriously?
  228. AotI: Rollback...
  229. *sigh* SEGA!!!!
  230. Getting sick of Orpg pvp
  231. I feel like a total noob....
  232. Photon Gacha: How it cost me my life
  233. There needs to be a BOOT PLAYER VOTE system
  234. i just finished ambition of the illuminius offline.
  235. what the hell
  236. 10* or up or boot!!!
  237. Semi-Serious Contemplation, 2 cents wanted
  238. Ugh, my life is so fucked up right now...(*not an emo rant*)
  239. Female Gamers on Xbox Live
  240. Moonlight Beast S2
  241. May have to quit PC server....
  242. PSU-XBox 360: LOL silly sega Contest
  243. I'm tired of your Attitude
  244. Wow I hate grinding.....
  245. The dumb quiz...
  246. PSO Problems Everyone Forgot.
  247. PSU: why does everyone think everyone is a scammer
  248. The most nerv-racking thing ever
  249. Media Tech Class &Teamwork Makes Levi Mad/Sad.
  250. Save Often!