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  1. I am so upset, My PC Died Today!!
  2. -sigh to the flames of Sega and the GMs-
  3. Well, it looks like I jynxed myself.
  4. Bit of a problem here...
  5. Behold: PLAYSTATION(R)Ticket and HomeTime
  6. So, where did they move the servers? the BLOODY MOON!
  7. Random Drug Inspection.
  8. Is sex with underage girls so bad?
  9. Damnit Verizon!
  10. MS fails at life....
  11. scammed me
  12. Incoherency in audio standards
  13. I'm losing this battle.
  14. So, since theres no update(rant here)
  15. Argh
  16. Probably a little overdue, but...
  17. Ubuntu 8.04 Upgrade Fails...RRRAAAAAAAAAGGGEEE!
  18. LOL at peoples reactions
  19. I'm Sick Of Being A Teenager.
  20. Invincible.
  21. Life has hit me like a semi...
  22. I'm sure there are plenty of these but...
  23. People with deformities.
  24. My procrastination.
  25. Responsible Cannabis Consumers Are Not Criminals!
  26. A list of people who should be eaten by Sarlacc.
  27. Stereotypical Black Characters in Games
  28. Increased reliance on CGI
  29. Are the american servers getting left out?
  30. Sorry guys, I, "Harry Potter," am conceding from MAG killcount
  31. Fans ruin everything.
  32. So...No updates until after MAG2?
  33. Home networking can kiss my ass.
  34. this is not my freaken day....
  35. lolclothes... random?!
  36. Bad and/or Lazy Techers
  37. I've been Sega'd
  38. Numbers games
  39. Bad and/or Lazy Teachers
  40. You won't invite someone because they have a machine gun?
  41. PSU's guns.
  42. Oh Verizon, You Are TOO Good For Me.
  43. Do it in English.
  44. grinding urk
  45. Emo
  46. Don't open the boss boxes. I know the right order...
  47. Why are these people so nasty?
  48. Err, Umm...Did I Get Fired? >_>
  49. How do u get some1 to love u again?
  50. Blacklist!
  51. Jury Duty?! Bah!
  52. Girls in video games...
  53. Child and Mother
  54. My Computer Experience
  55. Room Glitch-Come on sega
  56. So school started...i remember why im a loner..
  57. Adware epidemic
  58. Connection problem (take two)
  59. A day in the life of...
  60. Booted for badges?!
  61. Omgsh! Kill Me! I Don't Like X-Box. D;
  62. Connection problems (part mine)
  63. EDIT: new rant. Getting attacked by my sister.
  64. This is my opinion. It is law.
  65. I have been inconvenienced!
  66. worse PSU experience EVER!
  67. The life of a pet groomer has come a long way
  68. So yea, first Magic tournament last night...
  69. Programming is not easy.
  70. PSOBB
  71. Nuclear power.
  72. booting
  73. annoying caps
  74. People are ignorant.
  75. Cable TV
  76. How Many Times Do I Have To Say It?
  77. yay first rant!
  78. buh bye [xbox]
  80. Macromedia Flash
  81. In need of help to help a friend. ^^;
  82. She's pregnant, so wat
  83. Swirling Day of Agony (aka my first day back to class)
  84. G'day mate I'm from Austria
  85. Religion and politics
  86. A "ban" is forever, SEGA is giving hackers "detention". BAH.
  87. Overused jokes.
  88. "I listen to METAL, I HOPE YOU REALIZE THAT"
  89. idk wher eelse to post this idk y im posting it either
  90. Worst day/luck on PSU
  91. Yes, Half-Breed is An Offensive Term.
  92. Is it ethical to "save" a baby even if it can never lead a normal life?
  93. Ford Motor Company says FUCK YOU AMERICA !
  94. Is it just me, or is GBR kinda getting boring now...
  95. I hate Nintendo...(New PS handheld topic)
  96. If your quitting, then why are you selling your items?
  97. My stepdad is a tremendous jackass
  98. sigh*.... i hate 911... so freakin badly...
  99. Is nothing sacred anymore?
  100. hypocrisy....
  101. 6-92% & 2-96% failures
  102. "whar r u"
  103. The new three musketeer commercials.
  104. "No offense, but..."
  105. Humanoids?
  106. I don't like Ike
  107. I don't have an eating disorder.
  108. Remember when posts...
  109. Clean up after yourselves!
  110. Our stupid movie is beyond imagination!!!!!1!!!
  111. iim a bitchh&&proudd;; =]]
  112. You know what, America? I don't wanna vote!
  113. High School.
  114. I think I see why people hate AMVs.
  115. I hate Guitar Hero and EVERYTHING it stands for
  117. Kids and their games these days...
  118. Two Great Tastes, Together at Last: Ignorance & Politics
  119. What's With Sony Breaking Our Balls When It Comes To PSP Colors?
  120. Parents and computers
  121. I can see it now...
  122. Calling all hip-hop music listeners.
  123. Are you going to help pray away the Gay ?
  124. I hate biased game reviewers.
  125. I hate when....
  126. Thin walls. I hate them.
  128. Epic...Win.
  129. School/education
  130. Relationships....
  131. My parents problems. :/
  132. Girls :|
  133. Temper temper....
  134. Post services on weekends D:
  135. Main Street America
  136. Spambots
  137. Being truthful.
  138. my front neighbors!!!
  139. I just don't get it anymore...
  140. For the Future of PSU World!!!! Trying to PSU from Extinction!
  141. sega has destroyed the economy
  142. Isn't it amazing......
  143. PSU was never supposed to be anything like PSO. Stop complaining.
  144. Back to square one.
  145. Global Warming?
  146. I think I'm done
  147. Headache.
  148. Did you know that PSU is a video game?
  149. Is dating of different religion wrong???
  150. "I've been hurt, so..."
  151. Oh poor me. I didn't answer your IM. I guess that makes me an incorrigible asshole.
  152. I have a theory, but i need your input
  153. explain to me why should we pay anymore...
  154. Gold digger
  155. You are a "True Friend" :P
  156. PSU; I Get It
  157. Toothpaste
  158. Today Fucking Sucked.
  159. I'm tired of the complaining about PSU.
  160. GTFO Packet
  162. Ahh Puke...
  163. Sega, you call this content update? OMFG
  164. Banks are evil.
  165. Snoring
  166. I am alone now...
  167. Frustration with impressions...
  168. I get it... vote...
  169. Elections
  170. But I have ____ friends
  171. Tell me now.
  172. Work Rant
  173. Dumb math students
  174. Old news rant: The Phillies' World Series Win...and Septa.
  175. Series of Levi Rants.
  176. are you kidding me!!?!!
  177. You know when you're running, and half way through you get a cramp?
  178. Style or Functionality
  179. Who would be better?
  180. Me and my gf don't know what to talk about.
  181. The company doesn't care about you. And that is perfectly normal.
  182. Movie Etiquette
  183. My leg?
  184. updates for tomorrow?
  185. 3 RED LIGHTS! nuuuuuuu!!!!
  186. It just doesn't go away. ;_;
  187. New Game, maybe...?
  188. "nah 2 lazy lol"
  189. day in and day out.
  190. I hate all men, therefore I am a feminist. ...NO.
  191. Starbucks.
  192. MY TOE!
  193. Chatpad for Xbox 360 doesn't work on PSU?!
  194. Migrenes
  195. Why Do Maintenance If There Is no Update???
  196. What part of "I AM NOT STUPID" do you fail to understand???
  197. No more US/NA PS games for me.
  198. Test your FUCKING games!
  199. You don't want those nice features ? That's too bad... (Two rants in one.)
  200. Donkey Punch Movie...wtf
  201. Questions for the public!
  202. I'm 5'3"...and 100 pounds! I'm soooo fat!
  203. It's Not that I Hate School.
  204. too bad Sega cant give more updats today like....
  205. "I'm not assuming, I'm just saying!"
  206. thoughts on this mess up
  207. Rollback Reaction Thread
  208. Why MGG?
  209. "No Life"
  210. Theres people living in mah game!
  211. How's this for a strange dream...
  212. Damn_Keyboard
  213. Stinkin' Carolers
  214. PSU ID #'s
  215. Annoyances during the Christmas season.
  216. Freakin Dishes!
  217. how many more times
  218. Sega wtf
  219. Glad to see JP can get updates on time...
  220. Master classes suck!
  221. No sir, I do not like it.
  222. IM Instructions
  223. Go ahead and Quit.
  224. i lov yo *kisses* XD
  225. Love me. :(
  226. Eva Mendes and the three Mythbusters
  228. Goddamnit, Guitar Hero!
  229. You go to the bathroom, and right when...
  230. Nuff Said...
  231. Sleeping Problems. x_x
  232. This sux...
  233. Illusion Shaft...IS A RACE FASTER GO GO! (d'oh!)
  234. Bed-stricken again...
  235. Dammit, I ate a bunch of ants. D:
  236. Levi Rants.
  237. Damn You Sickness!!! >:O
  238. Chapped Lips Suck
  239. Poisoning the minds of youth.
  240. Library's suck
  241. what the hell is up with people and "emo"
  242. So my 8 hour long download decided to stop halfway through.
  243. Fuck you Fable/Walmart
  244. Know What You're Talking About
  245. This game have not changed!!
  246. Okay, this isn't good. Someone took money out of my account.
  247. cover managers!
  248. Damn Elitist Pigs
  249. Weak Players: Seriously, they suck.
  250. 4th Floor Rejects