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  1. Grrrr! I am ANNOYED!!
  2. Am I the only one who is annoyed?
  3. SO many reasons.
  4. A little peeve about City: Dark Ragne Extermination
  5. I'm really surprised at PSO2
  6. what is with everybody?
  7. Whats happening o.e?
  8. F this.
  9. Some people in this game..
  10. "Different strokes for different folks / whatever floats your boat"
  11. I am not in a good ****ing mode...
  12. my attention span cant be this short
  13. Why is the video game community misogynist?
  14. I will Never beat this game.
  15. Online shops
  16. Game problems.
  17. My SD Card Woes.
  18. The NPC problem worsens
  19. I.... really... hate.... gameguard....
  20. You are the epitome of laziness...
  21. "Techer" why?
  22. Mobile Phones and Provider
  23. New PSN Store
  24. The Perfect Meme that describes this forum:
  25. No Motivation
  26. PSO And How I Became A Fan
  27. Pretty much raging
  28. PSO2 is so shallow...
  29. I can't deal with this shit anymore
  30. Garbage Eaters
  31. (not exactly a rant)Years of stress
  32. This is just too much.
  33. I'm mad at SOA already
  35. @ Monday
  36. Xbox Live service is insulting.
  37. Yet another rant
  38. Reasons PSO2 isn't worth playing.
  39. Why the charade? (regarding PSO2 patches and servers)
  40. I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Disappointed
  41. Emergency Code: Collect
  42. Srsly SEGAC?
  43. Defend
  44. How did Phantasy Star do so well before the "online" series?
  45. Cartoon Network has pissed me off.
  46. Why do people put up with these drop rates?
  47. Lighten Up
  48. Paying an arm and leg for half a game
  49. WTF? Full party wipe during Elder Falz!!
  50. Is this new game living up to the legacy?
  51. people going to boss at EMs...
  52. what I would change about PSO2
  53. Log in >>> maintenance. GG
  54. why is melee so boring in this game?
  55. Vita Screenshot Mode
  56. Just because you know it's true!
  57. Week of 14 April to 20 April 2013: Massachusetts, Texas, and related
  58. sega really knows how to piss me off...
  59. Composing a list of ways sega has screwed foreign fans
  60. New title! The dentist Rant :D
  61. Lame ass client orders.
  62. I have had my PS3 since the first of May, and I already have poblems
  63. Hitler Rants PSO2 May update LOLOL
  64. Seriously Sega?
  65. I just failed ten affixes in a row
  66. Hot as fxck
  67. PSO2 Is Proof That Sequels Aren't Always Better
  68. Superiority Complex in Team
  69. If you have an auto-word for every single action, you are annoying your party.
  70. Close the Bull Shxt thread.
  71. XBOX One is dead to me now.
  72. Underage girl raped, kills herself, rapist only gets 30-day sentence
  73. Tired of the bs in my life
  74. block 20
  75. TaCo Time: Client Order Abuse
  76. What is sega thinking? X.x
  77. I hate Ra/Hu &the people in the PSO 2 forums (not really, but...drunken rant anyway)
  79. My laptop woes.
  80. PSO Ep 3
  81. The problem with Sega and storage
  82. Pokemon Y, Amazon, and Free Shipping
  83. I am making this thread to say I'm sorry.
  84. Sorry, have to vent
  85. Could you guys stay in B-20?
  86. Typhoon Haiyan Kills 10,000 in Philippines
  87. No, that is NOT a new post!
  88. What I want in a multiplayer game
  89. Vita POLL
  90. FO/TE Is Suffering
  91. cancer in ship 2 block 20
  92. I just want a disk, why so hard?
  93. Ranting about JP and English Players
  94. Why do you still play PSO2?
  95. Good ol' Falz: Share your level 70 Falz experiences!
  96. This game's economy is upsetting.
  97. Have times changed, have I grown up, or are we really going backwards? (rant/Blog)
  98. The new SH AQs are terrible
  99. I'm taking my mental health therapist to court
  100. What the Connecticut??
  101. Trash FOs need to stop using Ilmegid in TD1
  102. For the love of-- These buzzos are back again? Seriously?
  103. This game really needs a working blacklisting
  105. F++KING NEWEGG!
  107. SEGA....such a let down
  108. Hardware failures, just my luck
  109. mining base: despair rage topic
  110. . . . . .
  111. Autism
  112. Old People
  113. Why I hate MOBAs (mainly league)
  114. Pso2 general spammer go away!!!!!!
  115. >price undercutting
  116. <_< Affixing is too cheap now.
  117. Lost in translation. (Ship 2)
  118. Why I deleted the pso2
  119. There's a very clear gender bias in PSO2 and it's bothering me.
  120. ORPGS Are Stupid
  121. Anime forums are a living hell
  122. 1st of April
  123. Hitler rants about Pso2 2015
  124. phuck you sega
  125. Every time I feel like playing PSO2, I can't because updates.
  126. PSO2 is a game for me. PSO2's playerbase is not.
  127. The moment when..
  128. Where are my boomas? With their cute death sounds.
  129. KONAMI officially dead :(
  130. Small rant about player shop
  131. i am ANGRY on TD3 with ENG ppl
  132. Stop. Leaving. Apos. MPA.
  133. Annoying monsters
  134. To all of the Ragol doubters...
  135. Separating this discussion
  136. SutoWebMoney is terrible , don't trust them
  137. I don't know how much longer I will last.
  139. [RANT] This elder....
  140. Microsoft, no.
  141. i fail to see how this game is fun
  142. PSO2 is Ruined Forever
  143. My Complaint About Ship 2
  144. Stop nesting spoiler boxes
  145. PSO2 has gone too far off the rails.
  146. Gathering Rant (Strong language warning)
  147. I'm poor, how do I get meseta?
  148. I'm getting frustrated with people being outraged by censorship
  149. Ship 11: Theseus
  151. Nintendo NX: Game cards vs Blu-ray
  152. Why would any company run a game that wouldn't produce any income?
  153. I hope Pokemon loses more fans due to the recent BS.
  154. Mr Robot Game... wth?
  155. Hurricane Matthew
  156. MMO item acquisition is disturbing
  157. I hate RNG
  158. Why do you people even play PSO2?
  159. Unfair Ban from PSO2 Tweaker Discord Server
  160. Qliphad Fuses Rant
  161. Never been more pissed off by a PvE game in my entire life
  162. Another PSO2 Rant
  163. FTG
  164. Microsoft killing off Skype Classic on September 1st and forcing everyone to update
  165. Not a fan
  166. PSO2 Rant