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  1. Wi-fi problems
  2. Reason I keep coming back to PSZ....
  3. JP Phantasy Star trademarks: Possible Sequel?
  4. Best way to play with friends
  5. EVP?
  6. Questions about the Cake Shop Quest
  7. Inactivity?
  8. How many mags does everyone Carry?
  9. Stories from the Night shift
  10. Spam hunt certain hostiles
  11. Best MAG and material usage for HUcast
  12. Is this weapon possible?!?
  13. The Best HU?
  14. Elements
  15. FOMar mats
  16. Shortcuts and where it began?
  17. Why does my mag hate me?
  18. One Sad Day in PSZ
  19. Item Dark Shrine Rare Finds
  20. Mags and Materials - The Big Feed
  21. Quick Level Up
  22. Changing rangers
  23. New here, thinkin about picking up PSZ
  24. Is this game better than PSP 2?
  25. I got A Rock!
  26. blue rogues
  27. Can PSZ be played the same way I played PSO and PSU?
  28. Deleting high level characters
  29. My friends router has been altered
  30. Item Help: Where can i get Megid disk and high level disks(lvl7+)
  31. Thinking on playing a Force.
  32. PSZero Strategy Guide, did it help you?
  33. ? about Tech Level Boost
  34. Best way to play solo?
  35. Various questions
  36. Mat/Mag build suggestions?
  37. What's the deal with closing your DS while playing PSZ?
  38. Alternative to the DS WiFi USB Adapter for PSzero?
  39. Question....
  40. Catalogging for Titles (Azif + Rouge)
  41. Some minor but helpful tricks
  42. Item Whats the best mag for a HUmar
  43. Do you think daggers are the hardest to find weapons or what?
  44. How is the music on PSZ??
  45. Level 60 mags will not evolve if pure?
  46. how do my teammates hit hostiles halfway across the map using 2sword or even daggers?
  47. HUnewm
  48. How rare?
  49. The person with the lvl 90+ newman named "Raiden" (uses the hagal mag), plz read this
  50. Trade Whoa wait a minute! Theres "Trading"? Someone fill me in on this O.O
  51. Strategy for finding Cake and Pizza shops
  52. How do I get my friend code
  53. Arenas?
  54. Friend Code Problems
  55. Item photon fortification
  56. chocobos WTF in PS0?
  57. Official PSZ video capture guide thread?
  58. dropped link
  59. Lvling up npc's
  60. The highest damage dealt-
  61. PSZ Activity
  62. Phantasy Star Zero (Japan version)
  63. Connection problems with the 'other' PS game
  64. Merry Christmas PSZ DS Players
  65. PSzero users, have our prayers been answered?
  66. Still play? Post here.
  67. ***I have a proposition for Free Play on PSzero ***
  68. Secret area discovered in PSzero online play!
  69. Mag Evolution, Feeding Info And Photon Blasts [2011 edition]
  70. Battle Mage?
  71. I dumped PSzero due to absolute zero online activity
  72. Ranger Building.
  73. Considering getting PSZ in the future...
  74. The stupid people thread...Share your freeplay horror stories!!!!
  75. PSZ OST
  76. Give it to me straight PSZ comminty...
  77. HUmar or HUcast?
  78. Get your PhD (Phantasy Degree)!
  79. differences? for better? or worse?
  80. My AppleNote Appreciation thread
  81. Anti Piracy?
  82. Never too late, I say! I just got PSZ
  83. The Hunt Begins!
  84. Red Saber
  85. I must be really bad!
  86. NEW to PSZ
  87. Mission Cake Shop Drama >:[
  88. wifi question...
  89. How can i add Friends
  90. Oooookay I have an empty character slot with a crazy idea to fill it out
  91. Would you like to see a PSZ sequel for the 3DS?
  92. need help on new character
  93. What does it mean to "fortify" a weapon?
  94. Happy & a few years behind.
  95. Does how high a level you are effect how rare of items you get
  96. Question on super hard
  97. Phantasy Star Zero Wi-fi?
  98. guns and slicers
  99. Radam Soul
  100. Anyone here have a char named...
  101. 50 chain
  102. Who do you take with you when playing offline.
  103. DFP vs HP mats
  104. FOmarl?
  105. ATA for a cast
  106. Game booklet
  107. I need help using mats on my RAmar...
  108. HUnewearl and HUnewm
  109. Guide The Chessboard
  110. Favorite Race/Class
  111. Couple quick questions.
  112. Who's keeping PSZ when the 3DS comes out?
  113. Question on legit weapon stats
  114. A comparison of the Forces
  115. I guess I'll give this game another shot
  117. Rangers and their PA's
  119. What race can be the best Hunter?
  120. Damage King (or Queen)
  121. Which is your fav storyline character??
  122. Help with shields
  123. Tips for picking a class?
  124. Mag build gone wrong
  125. How is PSZ on the 3DS?
  126. A bizarre but hilarious fact about PS0
  127. Which Race should i take??
  128. What's your favorite weapon of all time?
  129. Help in balancing a HUmar?
  130. Few Questions to the Ranger class
  131. What if there was a PS0 2?
  132. Which HU Race should i choose???
  133. Questions of a newbie
  134. I still can't unlock super hard mode
  135. Where to hunt for a force weapon
  136. Item How many times did you...
  137. I'm getting back into it
  138. White and Black Muzzle
  139. Arkharz Soul
  140. 2 Questions
  141. Mission Hi ^^ I just got PS0 (Need Story Help)
  142. this forum is dead
  143. Noob Alert :D
  144. [PSZ] Presenting your Characters
  145. Starting over
  146. Favorite Wi-fi freeplay settings
  147. UK Players
  148. Online only items?
  149. Is it possible to....
  150. How many Enemies you killed?
  151. RAcast or RAmar???
  152. Confusion :?
  153. What Hostiles do you like/don't like?
  154. HUmar questions
  155. How long have you had PSZ?
  156. HUcast Ranger?
  157. Free Play Horror Stories
  158. looting..
  159. Guide [PSZ] Have a Question? - Post here!
  160. tried out psp2 but like the way zero plays more
  161. What's your character type and build?
  162. Need halp!
  163. Leveling Up
  164. RaMar Help!
  165. Question about Slicers
  166. Did anyone else notice...
  167. HuNewearl Force?
  168. New player who could really use some mag advice.
  169. Question about Cake Shop
  170. About those rare Rappy, Booma and Usanny nests
  171. Anyone figured out the stats of the NPC allies?
  172. Japanese GM ?
  173. Weird PSZ glitch? Or DSi glitch...
  174. Guide Quick and dirty weaknesses list
  175. Life? or Risk ?
  176. Quick Leveling question
  177. The Best Weapon of all Times
  178. new FC list? 8/24/11
  179. Yonohate In help
  180. Whats Your Mag and Photon Blast?
  181. Why we all hate the Arkzein
  182. What's your Favourite Boss?
  183. PSZ on 3DS
  184. What's your favourite Location?
  185. ...Bullet spammers on freeplay?
  186. Online on my DS!
  187. Super!
  188. Question about Rangers
  189. Lvl 28 and Hard mode offline!
  190. Anyone Else think that the team is pointless?
  191. oh...
  192. Does ne body play nemore?
  193. Inexx' Trade & Free list
  194. My PSZ Goal
  195. Anybody Still Playing This Online?
  196. I'm Really Curious About This.
  197. Questions about weapons and Classes...
  198. Favorite Weapon?
  199. PSO-World Phantasy Star Zero Rankings!
  200. Do any PSZ players want these? Mini-Contest over
  201. Playing a Hunewmn looking for advice on a build ^^
  202. The worst thing that has ever happened to you on PSZ
  203. tips for soloing as a ramar
  204. Help
  205. Palette and Unit setups.
  206. PS0 Title Troubles
  207. Phantasy star zero on Wii U?
  208. Any new thoughts on a PSZ sequel?
  209. Ranger class broken?
  210. Should I get PSZ?
  211. Favorite and most hated enemies of PSZ
  212. Cross Region
  213. Whts your Favorive Area?
  214. Your top 5 most/least defeated enemies.
  215. Offliner, HUmar or HUnewm
  216. Gale Bringer
  217. Item Best Weapon
  218. Guide How to beat dark falz with a lv 30 FOnewm
  219. What percents do you look for on a weapon?
  220. Guide Harmful Trading Glitch (probably rediscovered)
  221. Friend Code Question
  222. Grind, RNG in Resta Formula
  224. PS Zero Multiplayer
  225. RAmar Offline? 2nd Best? Best Offline Ranger?
  226. Wifi Ranking
  227. Which Character Types did you choose?
  228. Guide Shoulder buttons
  229. Friend Server down?
  230. Guide Drawing advanced shortcuts (Turorial Updated!)
  231. Item Holiday Presents to all! [CLOSED]
  232. New Player, A few questions
  233. 32 Mats: The Big Difference for HUnewearls.
  234. Random article
  235. Does anyone still play?
  236. Character class + mechgun usage proficiency
  237. Anyone crazy enough about Ogi?
  238. Considering starting over
  239. Im starting over
  240. Rare enemy appearance chances?
  241. Weapon make-ups
  242. Similarity to PSO/U?
  243. Guide Mag Quirks
  244. Guide Combat-Optimized Aesthetic Mag Growth
  245. Tower - any hidden mechanics existent?
  246. @Everyone who's L&R buttons are..
  247. For the laughs melee fomar or fonewm
  248. Humilias on Hard with a FOnewm -.-
  249. Phantasy Star Zero + OpenGL rendering
  250. HELP!