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  1. Trades (update Jan 22)
  2. The 25 & 50 Chain Combo Titles
  3. How many worlds and solo missions is there anyway?
  4. HUnewearl or HUmarl?
  5. What do the Chiisana items and the Ookiina items do that I get from breaking walls?
  6. MAG - Photon Blast question
  7. PSO Vs PSŲ, what's better or worse
  8. Any advise for getting the Cake sisters to appear?
  9. PP recovery units
  10. Good Material usage
  11. Telepipe opened up with pillars and lion
  12. PS0 Pictochat menu translation
  13. Help deciding
  14. Heart Item Locations?
  15. Questions about using techs
  16. How are rangers in this game?
  17. Phantasy Star 0 available to reserve at gamestop
  18. Which Class?
  19. lassie mag heart..?
  20. Traps...yay or nay?
  21. What's the best way to get a decent weapon?
  22. Light elemental resistance?
  23. DSi WPA Security
  24. Wetlands second story mission help
  25. WTF, the game erased 7 players from my friend list that were locked
  26. 79'd
  27. Christ, is there no ending to this mission?
  28. Does anyone need or want a Slow/Protect?
  29. HUmar vs Hunewm
  30. Need tips on beating the transformer boss kinda guy
  31. Has anyone figured out how to unseal the Akatsuki or Yonohate?
  32. wifi friend codes
  34. Some stats questions
  35. Nurse?
  36. trade thread
  37. Rare weapons [picture album]
  38. Few more questions
  39. Do Rare Monsters drop items somehow?
  40. Any tips for the Statue boss?
  41. What should I spend grinders on?
  42. Can online mode be updated?
  43. this guy looks legit
  44. Anyone have an extra Heart of Radame?
  45. What is the best/rarest saber weapon in this game?
  46. Phantasy Star Zero Guide books
  47. How is 'Risk' element obtained?
  48. hai i found the spreads
  49. II've never imported a game before....
  50. Kitchen Knife PD weapon?
  51. Where do I find Claire Double?
  52. Dumbest Changes In The Game That Annoy You Thread
  53. how do i unlock the other levels/difficulties in multiplay?
  54. New Question: What's This In The Picture?
  55. Tips for the 6th boss?
  56. 3 more Phantasy Star Zero coupons
  57. Few questions
  58. What and how is this weapon obtained?
  59. Statistical help (Guide added, updated questions)
  60. Unable to access Superhard mode
  61. PS0 = Think about the future of Phantasy Star
  62. become super hard mode
  63. PSO first, or PS0?
  64. How Good Do You Think This Game Is?
  65. Anyone know the Bosses accurate names?
  66. Boss Talk
  67. I found the most powerful weapon in the game (I think)
  68. Hylian Shield...?
  69. How many times have you killed heavens mother?
  70. Materials
  71. Is it possible to use more than an element in a weapon?
  72. Handful of questions for the pros
  73. Rares and Super hard mode
  74. PSZero Questions
  75. Grinding help D:
  76. Kinda really new here...
  77. Newman Hunter Tech damage potential?
  78. The M109
  79. 10/01/09 correct?
  80. Phantasy Star Zero Original Soundtrack Impressions
  81. Favourite class of weapon?
  82. I started to get Confused...
  83. How do you make a pure mind mag?
  84. What on earth??
  85. Punishment for dying
  86. Is there a way to transfer weapons between characters?
  87. What's the strongest melee weapon?
  88. Info on PSO and PSZ?
  89. Is PSZ compatible with American DS?
  90. When is the right time?
  91. PSZERO
  92. My 1st time playing JP game ~__~
  93. Milius Sword/Breaker
  94. Argh, how do I mod weapons, or use that pipe smoking tent guy?
  95. Help! PSZ won't let me continue campaign!!
  96. Level Cap! :)
  97. Rediculous Prices?
  98. Question about Forces
  99. Join us on chatango! - http://psz.chatango.com
  100. Weapon quickswap possible?
  101. help me please!
  102. PSZ - PSO weapons
  103. Possibility of a sequel?
  104. Phantasy Star Zero MINI coming to DSiWare
  105. pso/ps0/psu
  106. Saved character
  107. jp version question
  108. ranger.... are they any good?
  109. emulator that works for psz?
  110. JP Version???
  111. Questions about Gunswords & Classes.
  112. rare drops?
  113. voice chat feature?
  114. Helga/Lumia Easteregg
  115. psz amazing graphics?
  116. Full Guide?
  117. Hey i need people to play with
  118. dropping item?
  119. Soo the dsi
  120. online play question
  121. people online question...
  122. Amazon finally lists PS 0! (US version)
  123. PSP vs PS0
  124. contest?
  125. Can anyone translate this for me?
  126. Story and Characters?
  127. psz areas
  128. Help what is the best class
  129. how to invite your friend to play?
  130. What class can use guns and sword?
  131. Any interest in a PSZ import game night?
  132. PS:Zero, ONLY 3 Char. Slots, ok, BEST 3 Section IDs? ULTIMATE/CHALLENGE MODE in Zero?
  133. PS:Zero,Prequel? Sequel? Spin Off?
  134. spear question for a fan
  135. JP/US compatability?
  136. PS0 on a bigger screen
  137. Hu? What does that mean? (PS0 wiki)
  138. PSZ wont work on my dsi
  139. Weapon Search
  140. Phantasy Star Zero Artbook
  141. PSZ at E309?
  142. Looking for active people.
  143. HELP!!! I just have to see NEW screenshots of Zero... but where?
  144. PS0 World Wide Online?
  145. Level Cap?
  146. Phantasy star ų online?
  147. Get it now, for only $15!!!
  148. psz cost
  149. armor slot question
  150. PS0 everything
  151. Phantasy Star Zero in English (first video inside)
  152. Phantasy Star Zero Mini.
  153. Got my copies :D
  154. DSi DLC Incoming?
  155. Music?
  156. PSZ
  157. North America Release Date?
  158. anyone got the fixed PS0 rom to work with R4?
  159. Anyone have a psychowand for trade?
  160. Class Balance
  161. New PS0 English Screens
  162. I have a couple questions
  163. PSZ Figure Gashapon - anyone got them?
  164. Mag raisin' questions.
  165. PS0 isn't so...
  166. How long is the STUPID eternal Tower quest?
  167. New english gameplay video from Geek.com
  168. Worth making a Ranger?
  169. FC options
  170. "PSZ specific goodies" for the USA hinted at.
  171. THE DSI and PSZ
  172. WiFi Confusion for PSZ
  173. PSZ: Whats a "Photon Art"?
  174. Wireless Routers and DSi
  175. hunewm screenshots
  176. im stuk
  177. The Countdown Begins
  178. Character creation videos.
  179. Zero VERSUS Portable 2
  180. Will Action Replay Work? Will it Ruin Zero for you? Telepipe Trick for Rare Enemies?
  181. Pre-Order Bonus Questions, Special Guest Weapons, Nintendo Inspired Weapons, Artbook?
  182. Dead before it starts (RIP PSZ online play)
  183. TECHNICs lvl per character and bonuses
  184. PS Zero's Strategy Guide! IN ENGLISH!
  185. Anybody know where to find FOmar creation pics?
  186. Item Translation(SPOILERS!)
  187. Character creation appearance variations
  188. hunewm creation pics
  189. My Phantasy Star Flipnote Animation (work in progress)
  190. PSZ mags
  191. Sad PSO story (in a Japanese bargain bin)
  192. PSZ to PSO
  193. some data on psz
  194. Controls
  195. more info
  196. What character are you?
  197. Mirage Blast?
  198. anything extra from pre-ordering?
  199. Weapon Questions
  200. my great hope
  201. OMG Will this happen even AFTER Zero launches in NA?? :(
  202. What are you guys planning to do when you get it?
  203. PSZ announced for Europe!
  204. new game? whats this?
  205. Does this Math add up to a LONG game? Rare Weapon Count Breakdown
  206. New PSZ interview.
  207. Why Sega Why
  208. Getting a DS(i) on-line. Wi-Fi/Nintendo-noob needs help.
  209. Exactly How Many Different Anime Cutscenes Are In Zero?
  210. PSZ Wallpaper!
  211. Scythewielders
  212. Official release date announced. (11/10/09)
  213. Story mode choices : Do they affect anything?
  214. Interest Check: JPPS0 & Official Hint Book
  215. Friend Codes required to play online with random people?
  216. New online gameplay videos!
  217. how do the friend codes work?
  218. vending machines v.s. action replay
  219. ~FORCES OF NATURE~ (the force club)
  220. What are you going to do first?
  221. Does PS0 have voice chat?.
  222. main will be a RAmar or FOmar?
  223. There Ain't No School Like, Old School!
  224. Name our Force Club Poll
  225. PSO characters based on Anime/manga characters
  226. Lady GaGa of PSZero
  227. PS0 pregame insiration
  228. Girls awaiting Phantasy Star Zero club
  229. 11/10/09
  230. What will you name your first character?
  231. Would'nt this be funny?.
  232. :/ zero of wut
  233. Pre-ordered PS Zero (US) from Play Asia
  234. Hey! We finally got an english website! (Update)
  235. I've awoken from my slumber (Ready for PSZ!)
  236. I received the Toys R Us big book
  237. SEGA is throwing a Official PSZ Party! YOU CAN GO! First time ever community event :)
  238. Whos upgrading to the DSi XL for PSZ in Q1 2010?
  239. A few Questions~
  240. A question...
  241. Does anyone here play PSZero?
  242. What makes Hunewm unique?
  243. Phantasy Star Zero Swag Raffle (Nov 12 Winners Announced)
  244. Rappies Make Things Better Contest
  245. So for people who have played the Jp version
  246. Pretty LAME, not even the Nintendo Channel cares about PSZ :/ X/
  247. How overpowered at Forces?
  248. Force Club Voting Round 2.
  249. Will Delsaber be Back!!??
  250. Wi-fi settings question.