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  1. Item codes? Visiphone?
  2. Shifta not always showing above HP bar
  3. What are these?
  4. weird bug/glitch that makes PP restore super fast
  5. Does anyone know the name of this accessory?
  6. Regarding Email log in code
  7. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f collaborates with PSO2
  8. reporting a potential hacker.
  9. Are Tranmizers a possible code duel in the Desert stage now?
  10. Question about unlocking Matter Boards
  11. JP PSO2 Next Area: Ruins?
  12. JP PSO2 Ship 02 Place to Hang Out
  13. Error 242 and 606
  14. Easy Peasy launcher installer
  15. Anyone from Hawaii play this game?
  16. I had an idea: Changing your edge color?
  17. JP PSO2 The Seventh - Ship 7 Community
  18. Stuck in chat.... again
  19. JP PSO2 Just received an e-mail for a set of 50% rare drop increase
  20. Mysterious Armor
  21. Quest Guide?
  22. Second Char - AC
  23. removing affix and keeping the others?
  24. JP PSO2 Hatsune Miku and PSO2 Collab. Aug Preview.
  25. sorry if this has been asked before
  26. Event Arks Art VOTING [unoffcial symbol art contest] July 26th - Aug 3rd
  27. AC updates?
  28. JP PSO2 So much question for this crazy game
  29. Is there any Prepaid that works?
  30. Grinding Luck
  31. JP PSO2 New Trailer for Coming updates
  32. JP PSU Closing, GC to AC
  33. Aren't we excited?!
  34. PSO2 Would i be able to try PSO on this?
  35. JP PSO2 Team leader change
  36. PSO2 topped 700,000 users
  37. That's it, I need battle mode.
  38. Looking for a Team
  39. Hey guys/gals, what's new?
  40. Question about Just Attacks
  41. PSO2 Will you switch?
  42. Difficulty Playing the Game in JP?
  43. Transferring abilities question...
  44. How To Dye Gear?
  45. Do weapon elements matter to you? (Getting ready for the Floating Continent )
  46. So in the end what are blue damage numbers?
  47. What to look forward to as I level?
  48. Reporting
  49. Item Rod vs Card
  50. JP PSO2 What kind of costume are you waiting on/hoping for?
  51. Frustration with Rare Weapons
  52. Is there anything left to do?
  53. Things you do for fun?
  54. Error Code 650/651
  55. Performance Enhancement...
  56. Rifles
  57. Do rangers really need a nerf?
  58. One more!: Two-tone hair
  59. weird error when starting the game
  60. Class specific maps?
  61. S-rank time limit tips
  62. Element damage test!
  63. Question about Techniques
  64. [Can't wait to play] So is there an English patch?
  65. What time is City usually? (EST)
  66. Full-screen
  67. Those Glitches
  68. Beta or full game?
  70. Returning player looking for skill tree advice
  71. Matter Board B-3
  72. Trying to get 3D Analyze to work for PSO2
  73. Future Ranger Weapons from Rifle PAs?
  74. Couple of (dumb) questions
  75. how to get more SP?
  76. A question about Force and locking on (q)
  77. Horned HUcast NPC from Closed Beta
  78. Story So far...
  79. Sword vs Lance
  80. How do you increase your PP pool ?
  81. WebMoney Japan // AC
  82. PSO2 Have a problem running the creation
  83. Well, hackers are doing it again.
  84. JP PSO2 Areas... >:|
  85. Future viability of support.
  86. Sub-Classes
  87. So there's this new thing on bumped that isn't Subclasses
  88. Quick Q about MyRoom services.
  89. Rare item?
  90. Question about mag device.
  91. Does anyone else here keep re-rolling their character over and over?
  92. cast jet legs
  93. Ship 9 Rare hunts
  94. I like too see vehicles.
  95. Any tips for players who don't have access to Ark Cash who want moar meseta?
  96. Tips for achieving the short time limits with S Rank? (Liking PSO2's "quest design"!)
  97. Need a guide on Ship 02
  98. JP PSO2 Names in parentheses?
  99. Mission Has anyone who's been put outside the window and banned NOT bought AC?
  100. Loot Distribution
  101. What costume next?
  102. Maintenance: August 1, 8.
  103. What should I do?
  104. Philia Orange Flowers never dropping?
  105. Scratch card? How's that work?
  106. Looks like the patch is up.
  107. Compensation codes?
  108. AC Scratching For The First Time.
  109. JP PSO2 Hate to be the one asking this, but...
  110. Signed in and was asked for a code?
  111. English Patch is out!!!!!!
  112. JP PSO2 Item Codes
  113. Time Attack Opinions/Meetup?
  114. PSO2 PSO2 50 player voice chat mumble server (Ship 2 only) free
  115. PSA - Stuff in the MyRoom Shop got changed
  116. Name for Candy Crown head accessory?
  117. Force Buffing in PSO2
  118. Gambling System Theory (Club Areas)
  119. Finally took the plunge...
  120. Issue with visionphone
  121. JP PSO2 22 AC Scratches and 3 Gold Scratches later...
  122. ERROR 640
  123. Is it just me or are the Bikini's really ugly?
  124. english patch discussion
  125. JP PSO2 Need info about AC and Credit Cards
  126. Costume Question
  127. JP PSO2 AC Purchasing Method (Credit Card)
  128. Color change tickets?
  129. Where's my FUN ticket?
  130. PSO2 Disabling area Particles (fog).
  131. What does each stat contribute to exactly?
  132. Might I have a spot of help, PSO-W?
  133. Item Bikinis? But weren't you tired of the last gimmick? New outfits discussion
  134. Changing Costume Color
  135. Haxors and Story Time with Ayana!
  136. JP PSO2 Anyone wan't a code
  137. Getting weird box at log-in
  138. So, I think Rarity 10 will appear in pso2.
  139. Marlu S Rank Volcanic exploration question
  140. English Patch voting concern
  141. Problem downloading the game :(
  142. Additional Skill Tree/Skill Tree resets information
  143. JP PSO2 Let's imagine we know the sub-classes
  144. PSE BURST Question
  145. JP PSO2 -RaidCall-VOIP open for all PSO-W users!
  146. Has Fang Banther shown up at all today?
  147. Highest Damage Record?
  148. help?
  149. JP PSO2 The Ship we Play On?
  150. More HP on weapons and armor?
  151. 2 mags
  152. My friend told me that...
  153. JP PSO2 Unable to Login
  154. Question regarding Summer Rappies
  155. Mission Rare Ore Mining Quest
  156. Phantasy Star Online 2 Remixes
  157. Item Photon Drops?
  158. We need "No NPC" Blocks
  159. How do you feel about the AC system?
  160. So I ran into an interesting person today.
  161. Oh god... Hackers are scawy >.<
  162. I really appreciate all the AC you guys have been buying
  163. question about boss
  164. Help With Login (Japanese)
  165. Can I Get Rid of Those 3 Setup Icons?
  166. How Many GB is This Game?
  167. need help
  168. npc faces?
  169. JP PSO2 August 8th update 4GAMER preview
  170. MAGs and DEF stats
  171. PSO2 Adding abilities to armour, what the hell?
  172. Putting 2 affixs of ur choice on a weapon
  173. Scratch Question
  174. PSO2 Cant remember Sega ID
  175. PSO2 Interesting Rappy
  176. Why Are There Mostly Female Characters?
  177. This just in from SuToCorp
  178. JP PSO2 need help logging in for the first time
  179. Problem with purchasing Arks Cash with Webmoney
  180. Space Tuna Sword
  181. PSO2 Lobby chat question
  182. PSO2 Help me learn a few things about PSO-2's model, please.
  183. Hunters and Tech (Magic)
  184. JP PSO2 Do the Japanese Players Cheat?
  185. 3day shop ticket
  186. PSO2 What stats should a Ranger go for?
  187. PSO2 Your dream classes/mechanics/skill trees?
  188. Skill tree reset.
  189. NPC partners using Moon Atomizer
  190. So, I've taken a month break. What's new?
  191. Will they patch Time Attack?
  192. New soul (ファング・ソール) going dirt cheap!(?)
  193. JP PSO2 Tanking Fang Banshee & Bantha with 1555 S-def
  194. Helper NPC A.I.
  195. JP PSO2 Update Email.
  196. JP PSO2 Will you still switch over?
  197. What I do for 90% of the time Im online
  198. What is this and what does it do?
  199. Mission Emergency Mission Report Thread
  200. Launcher/resolution settings...
  202. Maintainence?
  203. Lucky Rise I
  204. Modifying Items
  205. Constant disconnects?
  206. Selling rares.
  207. ugh what does this say?
  208. JP PSO2 Character Titles
  209. So, what is the hardest thing to figure out still after English translation?
  210. My CO/EM/Code timers are frozen
  211. Rules for PSO2 Legit Player Challenge
  212. Unlocking Lisa's SP5 quest?
  213. which AC Scratch
  214. I get Error 630 all the time...why?
  215. Is there a list of FUN items and what they are? can't tell what I won...
  216. How do stats convert into damage in this game?
  217. 21+ Dark Ragne
  218. JP PSO2 Why am I getting this error message?
  219. Does Webmoney sell 500 AC cards?
  220. JP PSO2 What are these items?
  221. How much does % on ranger/hunter weps matter?
  222. The 5 new weapons.
  223. My mag has Pikachu Syndrome
  224. PSO2 Ironman Challenge
  225. Really need help asap! Regarding AC
  226. JP PSO2 Problems
  227. Trigger Actions
  228. Is it best not to have any other item drop quests during MAG license quest?
  229. can i trade my mag?
  230. Chances of a PS3 port??
  231. Is it all mini bosses in the free missions? Any De Ragan?
  232. PSO2 PSO2 ARKS lobby featured in future PlayStation game???
  233. Any translation for the item search/player shop list?
  234. How do you.. Step.. -_- sad question sorry..
  235. Any forces at lvl cap and without PP Charge Revival?
  236. How do I raise striking on mag and not dex?
  237. Questions concerning the new classes
  239. How Many Hours Did It Take to Get to Level 40?
  240. Purchasing AC with a prepaid card?
  241. Do you miss out on anything if you don't do the main story quests?
  242. Normal Dragon Boss?
  243. Why is the Skill reset + Mag reset more expensive than a new one?
  244. Item So I found this sword in an Emergency Mission...
  245. How do you tell what the good units are for Hunter?
  246. Is the Rappy suit giveaway still going?
  247. What is this error?
  248. Question about rare thumbnails on mission select?
  249. JP PSO2 PSO2 Fanmade PV/MV
  250. Item Info About Certain Items