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  1. JP PSO2 Which options are the hardest for the computer?
  2. Is There a Website for Common Items?
  3. Premium VS. Free drop rates
  4. quick question about the mag
  5. Suto Corp Web Money?
  6. is there a quicker way to raise your mag?
  7. Befoie, Sabarta, Ragrants, and Megid
  8. Help please
  9. What are the Purple Items?
  10. Did they remove the Chat Filter?
  11. Login Issue~confused
  12. to all of the Team emblem theifs out there...
  13. Issues with Rain
  14. What's the best way early on to get Meseta before 20?
  15. random question
  16. PSO2 Need help figureing out how to
  17. Scratch Item List?
  18. Does anyone else love the rappy sculpture for the summer event?
  19. Item Identify mystery ticked plaese+^_^+
  20. So... Time Attack...
  21. My Room Scenery
  22. Any non-Japanese residents still able to purchase AC?
  23. what's the fastest time's you've defeated bosses?
  24. Marathon Mode
  25. I want to be part of this community, but I don't know how.
  26. After camping the emergency bot..
  27. Question regarding class skills**
  28. JP PSO2 Help going premium
  29. What Server?
  30. Can't Load My Character
  31. Symbol Chat Thread
  32. Need help translating item text
  33. is there a english patch yet?
  34. Panic weapon ability glitched?
  35. I keep missing emergency events. How do you know when they will appear?
  36. Japan blocks all non-jp residents?
  37. How to fix the recent mess you got us in + Prevent future problems
  38. JP PSO2 google translate is not efficient for whole paragraphs
  39. JP PSO2 1,2gb Patch?
  40. PSO2 OPINION: "Well Known" English voice actors to dub?
  41. Patching Error~Help
  42. How Do I Uninstall English Patch?
  43. IP block starting... your thoughts?
  44. If you can update your client...
  45. JP PSO2 Servers are back up
  46. JP PSO2 So the prize for the CC NPC is accessory...
  47. PSO2 Buying AC issues
  48. So, what's your opinion about the floating Island?
  49. wonder about people's choices on Mag
  50. Glitch in Este?
  51. JP PSO2 Could someone upload aug 8 pso2.exe please?
  52. A Few questions about a brand new character.
  53. Trouble installing
  54. Weird log in message
  55. Where did all the hunters go?
  56. Help me please with this request
  57. New music from floating islands
  58. Red boxes in The Floating Continent?
  59. What happens to My Shop after it expires?
  60. 2 New souls
  61. JP PSO2 Non-Japanese no longer allowed to play
  62. English patch update Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:34 am CST
  63. Pillars in new area.
  64. See You in the NA/EU Server
  65. Event EMERGENCY CODE: FASHION! (males)
  66. Was there a content update today? If so what was it?
  67. I cannot open the game
  68. JP PSO2 What drops アリスティン?
  69. Question about a client order
  70. US, opened PSO 2. Downloaded game patch. Installed another patch.. works fine.
  71. The game's so dead today.
  72. Eh where on earth can I find this??
  73. Troll boxes (Floating Continent stuff)
  74. What happened to beasts?
  75. Proof of Big Vardha as a 'Wild Boss'?
  76. So mags max level increased!?
  77. The NEED for an alternate Updated Client download...
  78. Michela where is she?
  79. What Grind Percentage Depends On?
  80. PSO2 Just 1 question
  81. What's the best place pre hard mode for level 10+ nab rappys?
  82. JP PSO2 2 question
  83. JP PSO2 So i logged and got harrassed by non-JP friends..
  84. Any secret to beating Vol Dragon?
  85. anyone on?
  86. Burst parties
  87. What's the best PA for Partizan?
  88. Authentication Screen
  89. JP PSO2 Pay and BAN ?
  90. JP PSO2 Deleting a character
  91. JP PSO2 Announcment about august 10?
  92. JP PSO2 Bosses not appearing.
  93. Like I said...
  94. Whats so bad about Ship 2?
  95. What is Partizan Gear supposed to do?
  96. Luncher error
  97. Server down?
  98. Did this screw up my mission?
  99. Joining parties to enter restricted quests?
  100. Dyes?
  101. PSO2 Force user wonders...
  102. JP PSO2 Servers are up and running
  103. JP PSO2 Could someone upload aug 8 pso2.exe please? again...
  104. Find Dark Ragne?
  105. New english patch
  106. Why is the Mines free field so plain compared to the missions.
  107. I were thinking of making a DEF mag
  108. Costume Tickets
  109. So I hear 25-30 is a grind, what do you do from 20-25?
  110. Best way to quickly get 15 Garongos?
  111. PSO2 US/EU: Culturalization, Sponsors, and Collaborations
  112. Way to autoword a symbolchat during Photon Blast?
  113. Symbol Art Starter guide!
  114. Whats the Max no. of "bosses" you have encountered in a Free Exploration map?
  115. JP PSO2 First special mag evolution announced
  116. JP PSO2 THIS is why the terms of service were changed
  117. JP PSO2 Sakai updated PSO2 blog, and address TOS change.
  118. Moving ship-to-ship may be available?
  119. PSE
  120. Why I believe the 3 new classes are simply upgraded versions (PART 2)
  121. JP PSO2 AC costumes to be tradeable for color tickets
  122. Which would be the best way to take Libra?
  123. Invisible Quartz Dragon
  124. Any1 know where the thread was for player directory thing?
  125. How do I add AC? I can't get the japanese captcha...
  126. "note" non-jp resident connection
  127. Buying My Shop with AC question.
  128. JP PSO2 Hunter armor sets: ?
  129. Making money?
  130. What am I doing wrong? Trying to register information for AC, Gettin close...
  131. Hmm, this is weird
  132. JP PSO2 What are the best combinations of Skill Points and Mag for each class?
  133. The addiction of personal shop
  134. Question about the Re-Coloring Ticket
  135. Can my freind?
  136. Gunblades post-patch
  137. Any point to add ability to my Mag? Striking at around 35, Ability at 1..
  138. Ability/grind fail thread
  139. Newcomer with some important setup questions
  140. Can a newman be a great gunner or is that Cast only?
  141. What's the quickest way to raise Striking on a mag after 50? At least equal to b4..
  142. Patch torrent
  143. What weapon do you want to see re-added?
  144. I've never really used Force before... What should I do with the skill tree?
  145. partizans
  146. Event weapons, why not event PA's?
  147. JP PSO2 Can someone tell me what this is?
  148. 'Step Attack' question for Hunters
  149. Possible FUN point Farm?
  150. Good trigger actions for mags?
  151. How much more content till next level cap increase?
  152. Troubles launching the game
  153. Hitting the "What's the Point?" Wall
  154. Error message - need help please
  155. JP PSO2 Sega address Floating island bugs and drop rate.
  156. What's this device?
  157. Team Rooms
  158. Replacing Mag Trigger Effects?
  159. Is ATP/Elemental the only thing that matters on hunter weapons? 2* and 8* weapons...
  160. So Fury Critical, Yay or Nay?
  161. Some kind of leaderboard at the end of quests?
  162. Ah, keep getting disconnected (630 error)
  163. JP PSO2 Tranmizer and 2x Gilnach vs. Dark Ragne
  164. Patch DL Times Out Constantly--Alternatives?
  165. Too harsh: grinding and transfering
  166. Male or female Cast
  167. Ship 2 Block Names
  168. FOcast and FOcaseals
  169. Item I've been looking at these in my inventory since the 2nd alpha.
  170. Rare weapons with "Special" abilities.
  171. Have they mentioned anything about new photon arts other than the new weapons?
  172. Wheres the best place to kill Garingos?
  173. "Trigger Action Priorities"
  174. Forum says JA bonus for Hunters apply for PA's... But it doesn't?
  175. do elements change weapon's glow like in other games?
  176. Can you buy armor?
  177. Difference between JA Bonus 1 & 2
  178. PSO2 update question
  179. Support Force
  180. Is there a place that has all of the items listed?
  181. Maintenance: Aug. 15
  182. speeding up content
  183. TIL you can create missions that you don't have unlocked by participating as a party.
  184. How do you unlock Partisan Training 2+?
  185. How does PSO2 hold up to psportable 2(infinity)
  186. JP PSO2 how can i recover my loggin name
  187. JP PSO2 Evil Gameguard Update
  188. What's a good Sword PA compared to Speed Rain for Partisan?
  189. Screw Beasts, bring back this race.
  190. JP PSO2 Changing team master, is it possible?
  191. Am I the only one who doesnt care what mags become by end?
  192. Pre-Launch Character Creator Saves
  193. Is fire the main elemental for mines/floating sky?
  194. What AC items sell for the most meseta?
  195. Weapon Ability Another History
  196. Adding Abilities is not Adding
  197. Why are the Japanese so obsessed with "white"?
  198. English Patch Issues
  199. MISSING
  200. Mag feeding help
  201. English Players
  202. Level 120 (40,40,40) club.
  203. How the [email protected]!k do I make a good looking male cast
  204. Team Cap
  205. Tech Mag
  206. Anyway to currently go Premium?
  207. They should really stop with the PSO 2 Password/ID emails.
  208. So what ranger race should I be?
  209. Worth to play PSO2 right now with GG?
  210. SEGA has put up a notice for us to report
  211. The Bumped Appreciation Thread
  212. English Patch (Aug 15th)
  213. Do certain weak points need certain elements to do "weak point" damage?
  214. Tera vs PSO2
  215. After update Floating islands??
  216. TIL: About those tree-hugging Fang Banthers...
  217. ISAO LOGIN (AC) Now uses Hiragana
  218. Do you think a ability mag is a mistake if im going to go back and forth
  219. Why don't fat characters have jiggle physics?
  220. Event EMERGENCY CODE: FASHION! (females)
  221. Was SEGA hacked?
  222. Matter board glitched?
  223. Need to re-DL pso2.
  224. I guess not many ppl know this?
  225. Best way to go about finding a team?
  226. What do you miss from previous titles?
  227. Should I add any s-defense on my mag as Hunter?
  228. HUmar creation
  229. fullscreen? O__O
  230. Can't get fraps to work
  231. I see. So that's where they got the Space Tuna idea from...
  232. How do I unsubscribe from the Sega japanese newsletter?
  233. PSO2 End Game?
  234. PSO2 - Gameguard Crash 114 - Please help :) (DXDIAG included)
  235. Purchasing AC?
  236. Questions about a cast hunter
  237. 5 Star Strike weapons Vs 9 Star ones?
  238. How's the Story for PSO2?
  239. Any hint to what photon drops etc are going to be for?
  240. Does anyone else feel that there's not enough common weapons?
  241. Took til level 35 but finally got pissed off at a mission. Mines..
  242. Ship 10 Sadness, move to ship 2?
  243. Looking for MMO to play til this hits NA
  244. JP PSO2 Mag level 150
  245. Hi I'm new to the game
  246. Help With Shop Searching!
  247. Best site to byu WMZ from?
  248. Elemental bonus worthy?
  249. need to change the email linked to my ID
  250. switching hucast to a hunter?