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  1. Credit card issue
  2. Translated announcements for non-english patch users?
  3. Installing pso2
  4. Something about subclasses and the 3classes.
  5. Where to meet players?
  6. Wacky items
  7. Webmoney = AC conversion
  8. Argh *Pulls hair out* What Is this error?
  9. PSO2 PSO2 Beta release?
  10. PSO2 resolution help
  11. Can I level a force to 40 and use its SP on hunter? sorry.. another topic -_-
  12. I am Amazed Many of You Are Able to Grind Through the Game!
  13. Do you think they'll change their pricing model for NA?
  14. Ideas You Have That Could Spice Up The Game
  15. Does Raising Ability on my mag add 1 point to all my other stats
  16. Limits on lobby actions/voices?
  17. About Buying AC and CN-USA
  18. Item Salvador: lag or feature?
  19. Lifetime Subscription?
  20. Best way to Lv during Lv20-25?
  21. Ship 6 GSC Voice server
  22. AC Scratch Campaign - types of?
  23. JP PSO2 English FB Group and TS
  24. How to Get My Mag tro Use Proton Blast?
  25. JP PSO2 Rosie O'Donnell
  26. Help with katakana captcha please? (photo)
  27. Purchasing AC registration help please
  28. For the Console lovers!
  29. Captcha of PAIN
  30. Hoping they release a Physical Copy
  31. My Mag Still Only Heals Me
  32. User.PSO2 graphics tweaking (I want the best GFX!)
  33. Hate to ask but...
  34. Ship10 is alive and well
  35. Creating a new character on a new ship.
  36. Help with my R-ATK Stat...
  37. How Do I Find Good Armor in the Shop?
  38. PSO2 Cheapest possible laptop to run PSO2? (yes, I know)
  39. JP PSO2 Please help with this jap captcha!
  40. How crippling is not having Premium?
  41. Towards The Future-esque quest?
  42. Games For Pso2
  43. Is item overflow broken?
  44. No update from Sakai?
  45. So I thought of a way to use our credit cards to buy AC
  46. Future NA Players! What are some things you hope to happen on crossing over from jp?
  47. Quicker Way to Access Shorcut?
  48. Captcha madness
  49. Team flag
  50. -__-to buy a room
  51. Server 20 shut down?
  52. 特殊能力追加(PP) aka Sprit Boost: How does this work?
  53. Error 630 all the time
  54. Maximum Attack
  55. SEGA ID management page maintenance
  56. Wierd lag anyone?
  57. maintainence already?? (8/22 maint.)
  58. Item Sadeena Edge?
  59. Does anyone else feel that the Matter Boards are poorly constructed?
  60. Rare matter board drops?
  61. JP PSO2 SEGA implements SYMPATHY - dynamic music
  62. Just a question about Story Line Quests
  63. JP PSO2 Part II of Soaring Quartz Dragon
  64. English players/changing ships?
  65. Road to pure striking mag
  66. Ship-2 Block-20
  67. PSO2 Demo for the west.
  68. JP PSO2 OMG someone please help :'(
  69. +^_^+ Rares....
  70. Ways to make quick meseta?
  71. Standing snipe
  72. can someone explain the daily FUN bonus for logging in
  73. So anybody wonderin' when the weekly maintenance will end?
  74. Help with Volcano Cave story quest
  75. 200+ hours, and...
  76. Ways to increase stats after hitting level cap for self and MAG?
  77. Anyone on Ship 2 speak fluent Japanese?
  78. Hittin that wall... anything updates soon?
  79. How Do I Get the Items Translated in the Player's Shop
  80. Bullets
  81. What do you expect/want to learn about PSO2 from PAX?
  82. So apparently we can earn nifty bonuses for inviting friends to PSO2.
  83. new patch
  84. Surfing Rappy 3D model?
  85. pso2 english pic? lol
  86. Using client orders to level Fighter/Gunner/Techer fast at start:
  87. What happened to all the english players on Ship 10?
  88. JP PSO2 Does anyone else have problems with character models loading?
  89. Regarding the soul eater and rares.
  90. Gunslash Gear
  91. The Mag Never Evolved
  92. JP PSO2 question about the ios version
  93. Matter Board A-2: Gilnas Core
  94. Those snow banshee and banther
  95. What do you do to keep the game interesting?
  96. Something for Double Sabers.
  97. JP PSO2 Towards the future?
  98. Reverser?
  99. Where to find other Techs
  100. emergency quest questions...
  101. Sorry Sega, We Broke Your Panther....
  102. Best way to farm for Fan Armor (arm unit)
  103. How do I put element on a non element weapon
  104. Item with No Classes?
  105. The English patch broke my game
  106. Mini-games
  107. So I typed a big post and then...
  108. Late game MPA's are killing this game...
  109. Time for the imfamous lv20-30 grind.
  110. What mag would you guys reccomend for a ranger?
  111. New weapons & Classes explained.
  112. So, what are the best farming PAs and weapons?
  113. Reminder: Maintenance at 10EST
  114. Is there anything that you wanna pay real money for?
  115. Mag question
  116. Drop Rate Rumors
  117. Event EMERGENCY CODE: FASHION! (females)
  118. Atm Pos Return (regarding AC purchases)
  119. So, why the hate on the RNG system?
  120. JP PSO2 When should I buy the premium set?
  121. wind element
  122. JP PSO2 Sutocorp Purchase time?
  123. Best Race for Customization
  124. How different is the weapon grinding from PSU
  125. JP PSO2 PSO2 - 1st player survey -
  126. JP PSO2 Drop rate/table info
  127. My 360 is glitchy now
  128. Putting new items in character creator demo?
  129. New block names
  130. Need some mag help. :s
  131. JP PSO2 Is it me, or...
  132. Starting Hard Mode
  133. I think we need to move to... Block 40?
  134. 1st survey response on the potential ip ban issue in japanese box q27
  135. JP PSO2 Ship Transfer system coming in Late Sept.
  136. Story chapter-6 has english version of official name for floating island by SEGA
  137. JP PSO2 New Code and gears(Weapon and unit pic, including the Nact weapon)
  138. JP PSO2 [SHIP 02]MegaZoneX's: MEGA MEET & GREET![SHIP 02]
  139. Subdue Catterdransa in 24 minutes? UNPOSSIBLE!
  140. 5x +50% Rare drop rate boosters distributed
  141. JP PSO2 Hatsune Miku Collab ingame event.
  142. PSO2 questions.
  143. Talks about Ship 1 + Account giveaway
  144. Something similar to Time attack mode should become the main way to play.
  145. Other subclasses?
  146. Weeaboos
  147. Safe to Update?
  148. JP PSO2 PSO2 in SEGA's Tokyo Game Show Lineup [Vita/iOS Screenshots]
  149. Please help me come up with a TEAM NAME
  150. May be a stupid question.. but where do the majority of English speakers Play?
  151. Vol Dragon
  152. JP PSO2 Sept Patch Trailer (Weapons/PAs/Accessory shown here)
  153. JP PSO2 Accepting the TOS or somethin
  154. From Psu to Pso2
  155. Which Defense is best?
  156. JP PSO2 Been Away For A While... How Do I Invite a Friend?
  157. Why are the environments past caves SO HALF BAKED(visually)??
  158. English Patch?
  159. Webmoney options other than SuToCorp?
  160. Anyone think some of the new matter board drop rates are silly?
  161. We need a meet and greet for Ship 10...
  162. Survey - Rare binding?
  163. Supportive and helpful players
  164. Forcing Anti-Aliasing on a Amd Radeon card?
  165. Survey FUN
  166. JP PSO2 [Ship10] Meet & Greet! - First Post Updated!
  167. Stuff you do when you get bored ingame.
  168. can anyone help me a bit.
  169. October update info.
  170. JP PSO2 Mag helperz
  171. Client DL mirror
  172. JP PSO2 PAX Prime 2012: Hands-on with Phantasy Star Online 2
  173. Glitches you ran into.
  174. Password reset help
  175. Less content is more
  177. Locked out of my own account.
  178. The cat ears.
  179. MAGs!
  180. Things you did that made you feel immense regret and accomplishment at the same time?
  181. Anyone from UK bought ARK cash?
  182. JP PSO2 Uh what?(Glitch,hacker,or Lobby action im not aware of?)
  183. Who is this ?
  184. can someone please translate this!
  185. Some issues.
  186. Enemies you're looking forward to/ hoping for?
  187. What accessories/costumes/hairstyles do you want?
  188. Stat / Output reduction bug needs help reporting
  189. mmmm dat sound
  190. Oh sht we've been IP banned!
  191. How exactly does PSE work?
  192. JP PSO2 Ship 2 down??
  193. What random things do you do for fun?
  194. Player versus Player: The Great Gamble
  195. PSO2 PSO2 help PLEASE
  196. glitching / hacking
  197. JP PSO2 Help with client update
  198. JP PSO2 Total wicked user(RMT, and other) banned for August...1158 act.
  199. How many hours have you logged in on PSO2?
  200. Level 30-40?
  201. JP PSO2 new patch??
  202. Most popular quests/MPA's?
  203. Uninstalled?
  204. PSO2 Need help quickly!
  205. refund for purchased AC?
  206. JP PSO2 EMERGENCY CODE: FASHION! (females) - contestant list
  207. Recycle Shop?
  208. Longest MPA you've been in?
  209. Matter Board 6 Mine and Skyland Story: Only one part to them?
  211. JP PSO2 Support group against RMTers/Hackers
  212. JP PSO2 09/07 Sakai Blog - New Job next week, Ship transfer...700AC, etc.
  213. Event Show off your character
  214. Training Mag Campaign
  215. Item Lack of "Unique" weapons / if only "just" attack became the new "heavy" attack
  216. Air Gunning. How to skyrocket your damage
  217. PSO2 timeline
  218. NA Vita PSO2 for 2013?
  219. NA Vita PSO2 for 2013?
  220. I wonder... something about weapons.
  221. Logging in from a different computer
  222. Why Air Attacks do more DPS. +Video & Explanation
  223. What method does Sega use to ban people?
  224. JP PSO2 Crash/error
  225. The Next /Dance Scratch Ticket
  226. So has anyone else discovered the empty shop?
  227. English GoogleDocs Wiki Crash?
  228. Sega where are my unique blocks/lobbies?
  229. 700 AC fee for Ship transferring Opinions?
  230. PSO2 Got a TEAM? Get your VOICE CHAT ROOM here!
  231. Storyline discussion
  232. Mission Possibility of one english ship in the future
  233. Limitations of the Recolor Ticket?
  234. what are these and how do you use them?
  235. Oh great. Not sure what to do...
  236. Lvl 20-30 Grind
  237. How do you keep the game interesting with a class that has reached cap
  239. Item Enenies and item list (translated!)
  240. Can we get an updated guide for registering for the beta/is it still available?
  241. About weakpoint
  242. JP PSO2 PSO2_Setup.exe Error pop-up
  243. can't equip my launcher...
  244. JP PSO2 Item quickbar question
  245. PSO2 In memory of my Saber
  246. OMG people are spamming disturbing pictures
  247. JP PSO2 Symbol Art Festival 2012 Summer
  248. Are FUN Scratches truly random or is there a "trick" to them?
  249. maintenance on Wednesday
  250. PSO2 English Speakers!